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  1. I've been on the gh bandwagon for awhile now and like everything PED, dosages are going to depend on the individual. You are going to have to find what works for you. 2iu's is pretty much the agreed upon starting point. I personally, wouldn't do any more than 3iu's in one shot. Best fat loss by far is fasted upon waking followed by cardio. As far as dosing before bed, only if your're over 40 as you are shutting off your own pulses (greatest hgh release during first minutes of rem sleep), as everyone knows, after 40 everything goes to shit! And above all don't forget; hgh is a slow and steady game. Minimum 6 month cycle. Preferred 8-12 month and beyond to really see the effects. Don't buy into the hype that it's a big muscle builder, because it's not on it's own. But added to the right compounds, it's near magic in a bottle.
  2. Just sayin.... an auction is way more fun when you put your bids in $10 a turn or if you're @Jetpilot..... $10 and a bj....lol. There is a lot more action that way. Honestly, don't inflate the pot by $150 then walk away. You make a bid like that, you're chasing it till the end. Just my 2 cents. And I'm saying that as the guy who's won 2 auctions; vortex and guardian.
  3. Matho deserves a win. He's been so close on a couple as i recall. Go Matho go!
  4. Holy fuck man..... that is one nice stash!
  5. So stanolone actually works? I researched a bit that says 1-3% is absorbed. Must be very potent then. Is it 17 methylated?
  6. Irks me when out of shape people tell me to "stay safe" or my ultimate piss off "stay healthy". Guess what fat fucks.... i was safe and way more healthy than you before this bs all started.
  7. Thanks for the condescending tone. I drew my own bloods after a 14 week run of 300mg DHB, 500mg sustanon and 50mg proviron (all bodytech). All my liver values were at high norm, but still within limits. My hemo and wbc were elevated. Everything else was a-ok. I just wanted to know how you came to the conclusion that DHB was liver toxic, and as you said you drew bloods so fair enough. And yes, I am FUCKING AGGRESSIVE! Thanks for noticing.
  8. Proof of liver toxicity? And please don't mention the "more plates more dates" dude. He's full of shit imo.
  9. I noticed the red&white lettering bro. SUPPORT!
  10. There you go bud, a real review. Telling us how it worked for you. The only reason i said something, is we all know BT has stellar coms and quick shipping.
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