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  1. I take my dose before bed. Your body does its largest gh pulse just shortly before REM sleep so why not maximize it. Plus you won't get ravenous hunger (cause your sleeping), or as much lethargy. I have found most sides go away after the first 2-3 weeks. Other than the cps and edema.....
  2. 25mg. Everyone's different. I didn't really have numb hands all day till after six months continuous usage. As well, no real standards in the underground. I've had two separate labs mk677, both same mg on the packet, but one was far superior to the other. FYI, neither labs are sponsors here.
  3. Rosconow

    Gym idiot

    Too bad one bad apple spoiled it for you. I have a shirt i wear sometimes with a middle finger on it that says "Fuck Off I'm Training!", you should get one of those....
  4. Unfortunately primo acetate has a bioavailability of less than 30%, due to the fact it's not 17 alkylated. So because of that fact, it is also not liver toxic; kinda a trade off. Speaking for myself (male), i start my run with 100mg spaced through the day, ramping up to 200mg. Duration is aprox 8 weeks. I usually use it as a "kicker" to get things rolling.... and it works fast. It's an expensive compound due to the amounts needed, but well worth it in my opinion.
  5. I knew you'd like the primo ace!
  6. Hey all, Anyone know anything about this? Went to their site to order, and was greeted by a notice they're temporarily shut down. Hope it's not that long....
  7. AI's can cause joint pain as a side effect of crashing your estrogen. Too much estrogen no good, too little estrogen no good. They don't hurt your joints on their own. It's always a fine balance. Chances are you're not going to get bloods done i presume. That's the only way you can know for sure.
  8. I think they have all been proven to work. The thing with sublingual or transdermal methods of treatment is, from what I've gathered, is the varying degree to how the individual absorbs. I'm on androgel (officially....lol) when I am off cycle and love it. My doc has had to taper my dosage down from my starting point because i seem to be a very good transdermal absorber, thiner skin maybe, more porous? It is up to you whether you want to pack some gel up your nose or not. I only apply the androgel once a day on my shoulders. Done.
  9. A while... for 2000 caps you'd need 100 grams of raws. Takes me about 1.5 hours to mix and cap 100 caps. I only prepare what i think i need for the time frame involved. I keep the rest of the raws vac sealed with absorbent packs for freshness. As far as the parameters you described of ingredients, 10 grams into 50mg per cap, would give you 200 caps. Perhaps you just added one too many zeros to get "2000".
  10. Ready for the math? So I'm going to try to be as general, but specific as I can.... this equation is for 100 caps. 25mg is equal to .025 grams, you just cary the decimal (love metric system). 1) figure out capsule weight eg. .090g 2) figure your filler weight in a full capsule with capsule Eg. .560g 3) subtract capsule from filled weight .560-.090=.470 4) subtract amount of active ingredient to get your total filler weight. .470-.025=.445 total filler Now we move the decimal to get total mixing weights. 44.5 grams filler, 2.5 grams active This is how i figured it out on my own, if someone has a better formula please chime in. Now titrate away....
  11. Here's my set up. You will need a scale that reads grams down to 1/1000. You can find a reloading scale online for $50ish.
  12. Kind dry vid.... but none the less. This is the type of cap filler I use. Labour of love, you won't win any speed records, but will be cheaper supplements in the end.
  13. FYI: Some good filler powders that I use are glutamine, creatine, arginine, dextrose. I try to match particle size of filler to active ingredient. From experience don't use whey, it clumps up and packs together easy, plus it's super light weight and can "poof", making a mess.
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