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  1. The lab max kit will just identify methenolone. Unfortunately not the esters attached. Chatted to Lab Max to confirm this ( uv test for methenolone glows violet/ purple, fyi). I dont know about roid test.
  2. The only one i might have even the faintest idea about is "c". Order any methenelone (primo). White grainy consistancy with sweet chemical smell is definitely a hallmark. But just a shot in the dark.... a toss at the dart board.
  3. Dude, did your raw supplier not properly identify your product? Or did you get it out of the back of a white van parked beside your gym? You're just shooting in the dark trying to identify after the fact. I could say more but i won't.....
  4. Anyone try their DHB yet? I'm waiting till the gyms open up again to go full blast!
  5. I use 8mg cialis and a baby aspirin. Try that out!
  6. Any feed back, testing on BT's (neuvoustrope) grey tops?
  7. Rosconow

    Gym closures

    Snowflakes running the show.... good grief.
  8. Rosconow

    Massage guns

    This is the one i got because of these two jokers. Under $200 on amazon. I love it. https://youtu.be/-PvSqdejJKU
  9. I will add: GET THIS MERCH UP AND RUNNING! I want some.
  10. Pump cover bro. Wear it to warm up. But i do like a lighter weight hoodie.
  11. Another avenue for females would be sarms. My wife under my supervision/ guidance recently finished 8 weeks of ostarine at 5mg daily. She ended up basically recomping, the scale didn't move much one way or the other, but she lost some inches on her waist and her muscle tone improved drastically. Her strength went up quite a bit especially with her leg press and leg curls. But on the circuit of machines she uses all weights went up. As for side effects, none were experienced, other than catching her "going off" a little more than normal. Meaning her aggression levels seemed a little elevated. But that could be a number of factors at play. No menstrual disturbances or problems were experienced, everything was normal.
  12. Pictures of the wife getting jackhammered.....lol. Just buggin, i know this isn't meso.
  13. Thanks @funlog. I downloaded the program and will start it up in a week. Always looking to change things up and keep the body guessing!
  14. Hey all. Who is rockin BT's grey tops right now? What doses you runnin? What kind of juicy sides you feelin? Lets hear it!
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