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  1. I've never been that cut, don't have the discipline and i like food too much. I did get down to 14% measured by calipers years ago. Currently at 23% as measured on my doctors fancy scale where you have to go barefoot and hold a handle with both hands. But currently in a bulk and as far as i'm concerned, you have to be a little chubby to gain any serious mass.
  2. I really dont get it myself. I got enough balls hangin on me..... i drive a jacked 3500, more than enough balls at the pedal.... but i guess those without.
  3. I contacted my overseas supplier and asked the question. The email responses start from the bottom and replies ascend the page.
  4. So do you guys have actual batch/ lot #'s corresponding to product? A lot of ugl's just put a generic lot# on the label to perhaps fool law enforcement, (make them look health canada compliant) ie. at airport screening etc. But when it comes down to it, they have no "real" lot #'s. This would make a strong case for q.c. standards above and beyond most labs.
  5. Do you use whey protien powder or have changed your brand of whey? Or perhaps diet change? It could be just that easy.
  6. If you are on test as well, the finnasteride will still help with that conversion. But @Fizzyx is right, finna wont stop a dht that is directly introduced such as proviron, masteron, and to some extent primobolan. I have also read that finna can react badly with nandrolones. Speed up shedding, the opposite of it's purpose.
  7. I think you're absolutely right. Stuff like dhb at 100mg/ml is fine, as soon as i load 2ml dhb; ouch! Same with some of the t400 products, and that can be said for various labs.
  8. Everyone has an opinion, so what if people get offended by it.... take it in, discount it or move on. Oh wait, we have turned into a pussified snowflake state. Where personal opinions, and free speech are censored by the "woke" police of social media. I for one am so sick of social justice warriors inflicting what they think is "right" for the "all". Off my soapbox now.
  9. Fair enough. If the 1.2 grams test doesnt blow his head off bending down, or fainting when he gets back up... what's a little more on top of it all?
  10. The op stated blood presure may be a concern, and you suggest methyl tren? Wow... good advice. A note to all, take everything you read on boards and web with a grain of salt and critical thinking.
  11. All the oral aas will raise your blood pressure, so it all depends on your personal risk to reward ratio. I work rad140 into my "bridge cycle" routine and that with my trt dose cruises me along nicely. I definitely feel the rad working as i dose 30mg preworkout. I get very agro on it and my strength stays the same(ish) as when i'm on cycle. I usually only loose 4-8 lbs when bridging after a heavy test cycle. And that is most probably water. Give it a try if you havent used it before.
  12. @Russian chick, i made some 5mg ostarine caps up for my woman, which she took pre workout every day, even non training days, for 8 weeks. Her strength went up like crazy at around 4-5 weeks. Leg press was most improved. (Absolutely love it when a guy gets off a machine, and my girl is already putting the pin down the stack!) No noticable sides other than a few zits, but we also changed whey protien brands during that time so who knows. She wants to do it again.
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