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  1. Lots of women use anavar. It doesnt aromatize and not androgenic.
  2. 5 months..... your blood must look like a 50 weight motor oil in January....lol
  3. Glad you mentioned food prep. A successful diet depends on it. Something me and my wife do on sunday is the weekly food prep. We cook a whack of chicken brsts/ thighs for lunches dinner, dozen+ boiled eggs, protein oat bars (courtesy muscle beauty in recipies section) cut up veggies, lettuce in the spinner. All that food prep takes us to thursday for sure, a little bit into friday. Another tip i was given by my old training partner that i still do, eat your biggest meals breakfast and lunch, (snacks a given) but have a light supper ie, taco salad, chief salad, chicken caesar salad/ wrap.... basically salad with a protein, very little carbs. When dieting you should be going to bed hungry and waking up hungry. If you're not, you aren't burning your fatty acids for fuel. And if you take 10 grams glutamine before bed, it should help with muscle catabolism and recovery. Taking it to next level shit... fasted cardio in the morning while you're hungry as f_ ck and want to eat your arm off. You'll get results then for sure, i promise, i know i do.
  4. Hey bro, don't know what your training schedule is like, but 10-15 mins cardio warm up before resistance training, then 20-40 mins cardio after. Weight training imo, is by far better at burning calories throughout the day. You muscle mass is your metabolic furnace. As far as loosing weight it's easier than you think. All boils down to calories in vs calories out. If you want to get serious, get a food scale and start measuring and counting grams/ calories. Once you do it for awhile you'll get used to it and figure out what amounts to what. Try to swing to a higher protein diet, 1 gram protein per pound body weight. Low glycemic carbs, lots of green leafies. Cut out all processed shit. Like Arnold said "Stay lean and mean". And it's true, first part of a real diet you'll be grumpy and hungry as hell. Your body will be fighting you at every step. Btw, don't know your family situation, but if they're not on board with your lifestyle decision, you will fail, or results will lag. Dad might have to have boiled chicken instead of hamburgers.... oh, and forget about wing night, 1 lbs of wings are aprox 1000 calories.... Good luck, stay focused, keep your goals in sight.
  5. Yay... cool packaging! Big deal. They have their "S" logo pressed into their pills. If you go to split them they turn into smitherines! Amateur hour.
  6. You miss my meaning. I dont facebook, can't open up the link.... so useless to me.
  7. I hear you. I realize you were only looking for feedback from members.
  8. Hey dude..... hate to be that guy, but the newbs can't seem to read. 8. Not to post commercial spam or to post any promotional links, URLs or addresses to a business or that would lead people to a site unless given specific permission by Forum Administrator only. Not to post URL links to other forums. Not to flood, post commercial or profit generating advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and similar solicitations. Any member who violates this prohibition will be banned from all forum sections of this site.
  9. Every day. Ostarine 25mg in the morning, mk677 25mg before bed. Also if you don't already, get on the glucosamine and especially collagen.... can't stress that enough.
  10. Dihydro boldenone cypionate ; 7-8 day half life.
  11. I used 300mg DHB/ week with 500mg sust/ week, 50mg proviron daily. Great results, next to no sides. I've always been somewhat conservative with drug amounts, there's no substitute for hard work, sweat....pain. Love the iron game!
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