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  1. True to his mantra, he probably doesn't discriminate....
  2. Yes, would be nice to know the purity of the chemical. If you do a search "rad 140 liver toxic", more than a couple articles come up on google. As far as liver stress, i don't drink. Live like a monk mostly (no chastity!). Chicken, rice and salad for most main meals...
  3. I have some genetec and vortex proviron. So far only used the genetec stuff @ 25MG daily. Been feeling great!
  4. Doesn't have to be Russia, deep pocketed corporations ie: Soros Foundation or one of its many proxies have been caught staging riots at protests. All to make the original non violent protesters look like agitators. Antifa anyone? What a crock of shit that anyone with half a brain can see through...
  5. You guys know if there are candlestick charts for open range breakout on btc? That's the only way you could really trade it.
  6. You used the wrong word for bitcoin; investing. Bitcoin is an extreme spec play. Good as a medium of exchange, that's about it. Sure you can make money off it, but you can loose it just as fast.
  7. I was paranoid of air in my tubes as well, sometimes wasting quite a bit just trying to squirt the tiny air bubbles out. My trt doc explained what @instagrande said. You need a large amount of air, and it has to be in a vein. Air in the muscle will work its way out and have no detrimental effect as per my trusted doc. Going way back to the op, the pain and swelling you got was probably from "subcutaneous bleed". Your gear coming back to the surface and the solvents annoying the sensitive tissues. Happens here and there. Z-tracking can help if you're prone to that type of thing. I think @OLYMPIC posted an article on injection techniques that could be a help to us all.
  8. 300mg per week/ 1.5 ml per shot of the dhb. Kicking with primo acetate 200mg per day, as well as 375 mg sustanon per week and 25mg poviron per day. I think it will be a pretty good gainer of a cycle, hopefully dryer than wet weight. I realize it's heavily weighted on the dht side of things, will adjust as needed if and when androgenic sides occur.
  9. I watched a net flix show on Eddie. The man's a beast! I'm ecstatic when i can do 5 plate deads for a 1rm. He takes it to a whole other level
  10. Back to BT reviews.... Got some DHB off a trusted member who is taking a break. For the record i am very prone to pip and all my research pointed to DHB being a pain in the ass, shoulder.... pleased to say that after 3 days, no pip what so ever. After the shot i had a little joint stiffness, but no burning or piercing or dull ache at all. Very pleased with Body Techs DHB so far with the lack of pip. Will update later on results. Stay tuned.
  11. My 2 cents.... when you run a nandrolone, you should always match the nandrolone dose to the same as the test, or even higher test. I have heard real world feedback of "deca dick" issues when test dosage has been lower than the nandro. But like with everything, everyone reacts different and all things are not equal.
  12. As far as doctors go.... me being in my mid forties now, i don't take shit from anyone. I kindly remind them who they are working for; as soon as they admit "me" then the demands start, ( but always nice, respectful, factual) all in the pursuit of my health and well being. And as i've had to do untill i found a good one, ask said doctor for a referral to someone who will actually give a damn! As for the rad, it's all just research. What sides happened for me, may not for you and so on. If you're into 8 weeks and are still getting what you want out of it, keep running it if it suits you. Not a lot of good studies involving rad 140 so we're kinda cutting edge in that regard.
  13. The blood panel i'm doing monthly doesn't include lipids. As far as getting blood tests done in Canuckustan.... it's totally up to your doctor. Depends if you have a good one bad or indifferent.
  14. I got a head cold from my kid (the in house germ factory). Haven't been sick for at least a couple years. Not on anything other than my prescribed trt atm. Decided to take a week off under the banner of a "deloading phase". You don't have any power or stamina when sick. It is your bodies way of saying in no uncertain terms...TAKE A BREAK!
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