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  1. So freakin good! Better than the PB chocolate doughnuts. Mixed as per recipe with the substitute of 1/2 cup brown sugar instead of splenda. Will up the berries to 1 1/2 cups from 1 cup. I also added some crushed pecans sprinkled on top. Replaces my bowl of oatmeal in the morning, or a protein bar later in the day.
  2. Hey MB, baking soda? Not baking powder? Just wondering if that might be a typo? ....or not.
  3. All my preworkouts have them together, they seem to work good in conjunction. I have absolutely no science to back it up though, how much of the creatine i'm absorbing. I guess the supplement industry would never be guilty of making misleading claims or making sub par products....
  4. That's what i've used in the past with good results as far as shedding. And i didn't experience any of the sexual related sides. The proviron must be doing it's androgenic thing with you, and hitting the receptors for hair loss. Good idea to quit the prov.
  5. I'll tell you one thing, fina will work 10x better than saw palmetto for thinning hair. What dosage are you taking?
  6. This is my routine due to work. When i was self employed, mid day training worked at that time. I find if i want to cut, training in the morning fasted works damn quick! Also i find training in the morning lets me eat and recover all day.
  7. That makes sense. Unless you have a problem with estrogen, 1mg arimidex e2d would crash your estro in no time. Aching joints, limp dick, depressed, no energy..... not fun, believe me. I think estro management is just as important as test levels, everything in balance.
  8. Agree with cheapshot, you must have arimidex, as the dosing for it is in "single" digit doses as opposed to aromasin which starts with double digits. Mg for mg, arimidex is by far the most powerful ai.
  9. Without testing i know my generic chinese stuff is legit, my hands are numb going on a month now. Had some pretty good carpal tunnel symptoms coming on, but backed off my dosage. Starting to get annoying, but only have two more months to go.... for a six month run.
  10. Now now..... BC is a big province. The interior gets just as much snow as alta. Just not as many "new Canadians". You can't account for all the "new Canadians" driving skills. Especially when they learned to drive in Delhi or elsewhere..... I personally would move to northern Cali or Oregon, but too many Americans there
  11. I had 8 weeks of rad 140 @ 25mg daily raise my liver enzymes 3× as per my post in the PED section. Sarms are'nt as harmless as they've been made out to be. If you're not sure of your dosage, use caution. My 2 cents.
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