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C4 ripped

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8 hours ago, CapeBretonDadBod said:

Have any of you used C4 ripped I’m thinking about trying a few tubs any real usage input would be much appreciated.

As someone who's part of that side of the industry - I'm not a fan, but it depends on you're sensitivity to stimulants and what you want out of a pre workout. For example, right now I'm trying to reduce stimulants in general and limit myself to 1 small intake, so I take a pre that has more citruline and beta alanine... sometimes lol a lot of times now I don't take one at all. 

I think for the price there are better choices, but it really depends when it comes to this stuff. Like if you prefer a good pump, something with agmatine, citrulline or glycerol will be great. If you're after a good jump in energy there are tons of high stimulant based products. If you want fat loss - diet, cardio, ephedrine or clen lol


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14 hours ago, CapeBretonDadBod said:

I’ve always wanted one of those haha I’ll pay 20 bucks if you find me one 😋

I bought one at auction a couple of years ago, for pretty much nothing, just on a lark, discovered after the fact they are hugely collectible in the right circles. made a killing flipping it. Would have never occurred to me that peeps would collect something like that.

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5 minutes ago, CapeBretonDadBod said:

Did the machine function when you flipped it ?

Yup, seemed to work just fine. Was actually in pretty good shape but I think that if it was owned privately it got purchase and used little as they are were a pretty big Fad item from what i understand, But I guess they were in "health clubs" too and I doubt you'd get a good condition one that spent its life there.

Before you ask, lololol, no I didn't get in the thing, just fired it up. Just like I don't futz with jewelry i buy for resale, i don't mess with mechanical or electronic things either other than to just verify working at time of sale. Old stuff seems to just up and die way to frequently to push it so I've always just let it be after the initial test.

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