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Affliction79 aka Afflicted aka cjm child

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On 4/23/2020 at 2:50 PM, Corey5150 said:

The politics between labs in Canada is crazy...

Anyone who knows anything about business knows that the people of your organization are a direct reflection upon it. And the longer they stay blind to it or choose to ignore it shows their true character. While I'm not going to comment on Genetec in general - affliction is nothing but drama and negative energy, I'm unsure of why any lab would want to associate with him. The methodology of trying to destroy the reputation of other brands to maintain your own speaks volumes about you. 

well said,like i said, i never had a bad dealing with genetec in general. But after seeing the way that G-Froce lied about afflicted being a rep and then cried after i posted his lies,i got some major doubts about this lab.

Then i found out that they also work with or actually the same as syn,the people who apprently sell a 5ml vial for $80 , i lost all trust in them. You can't trust people who don't actually care for their buyers,they brainwash people into believing higher cost means higher quality. As I have said many times, come on the big international boards such as BoP and PM and you will get to see retail pricing posted openly and can make your own judgement.

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On 4/23/2020 at 11:50 AM, Corey5150 said:

Anyone who knows anything about business knows that the people of your organization are a direct reflection upon it.


Was shaking my head at the example above describing the BMW salesperson that badmouths Mercedes doesn't reflect the opinion of BMW itself. To the customer it certainly does. To them the salesperson IS the face of BMW at that time. People that do not learn this are not long for being in business.

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As for SYN & Genetec being the same I don’t think so, I have reps for both and prices are way different and brewing process seems different PIP wise on each lab. 
I’ve had good success from genetec, syn and also used lots of BT all good things to say. 
I’m not sure on the rep drama but all labs mentioned are good quality and have good customer service .

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On 4/19/2020 at 4:12 PM, G-Force said:

Its clear your angry. Every forum and brand in Canada other than yours does not like the way you conduct business, but don't let your anger cloud logic and reason. At no point was it ever said Affliction in the past was not reselling Genetec. Yes he was. Genetec has always said that. Your attempting at taking things out of context here and trying to spin a narrative. Its your board so you will try hard I know. But the facts are in the messages in this thread.

Please see in the first post:
"Once brought to Genetecs attention Affliction was no longer repping the products. Affliction has not been reselling Genetec for some time now"

So where exactly did Genetec say Affliction was never selling Genetec?

Not in the messages posted here in this thread and not in the PMs you posted here.

And why do you continue grouping CJM with Genetec? They have no relation whatsoever. Another baseless claim your trying to start. Grasping at straws my friend, not making any sense.

Either way I am done here, good luck with your board.

I can not understand why G-Force is getting ridiculed for this here, I have read the screen shots and nothing points to him saying Afflicted wasn't repping them?

I have been dealing with Genetec for years and honestly it is the best gear around, always fast delivery and the rep is always quick to answer questions.

I haven't been here all that long but I can see the Admins here love the drama!

you guys should drop the drama and move on, you might have more people stop by and stick around if that was the case.

I see some jealousy here from some of the sponsors perhaps, an incredibly childish act.

bottom line...... Genetec is one of the best in the business and others need to follow suit, perhaps learn a little from such a professional lab!




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I'm a little late to the party but I've talked about it here and on other forums how I don't care to participate in lab vs. lab drama. Admittedly when affliction first started gutting me here, I was pretty upset about it. I didn't know he was Genetech or any other lab for that matter, it was just some guy saying outrageous lies about me, which were fairly easy to disprove. It sucks but that's how some guys do business. I will say that in early March I did reach out to affliction to try to clear the air because he continues to say some pretty tasteless things about me on other Canadian boards, but we were unable to come to any resolution and I'll leave it at that. I can't speak for the owner of Genetech (if they themselves aren't affliction) but I do think when someone represents your brand, you ought to take some responsibility for how they promote you and disparage your "competition".

I've worked cooperatively with a few Canadian labs and I can see a stark difference in how some guys operate versus others. A lot of the Canadian scene is reps masquerading as "vets" and spouting nonsense about competition. I've been accused of being a sex offender (wtf) as well as being a reseller for BodyTech. Admittedly I take the former more personally than the latter, but it doesn't end there of course and all sorts of really awful things get said for the sake of securing sales.

There is a user, Taureau, who used to be here who now runs a board where he allows disgusting shit to be said about other sources, myself very much included. When I asked him if I could be given a chance to respond to any of the accusations, he said I'm not welcome there and if I want to say anything I can say it to him only. Realizing now that he's a source on the same board that he runs it makes sense, but man, it sucks.

At the end of the day it should be about the gear and the service, but some guys don't do business like that. @Ridgeback I don't doubt Genetech makes good gear. I've never tried or nor had I heard of it until I was being attacked by their rep (who is fairly open about repping for them?), but I don't see much in the way of bad stuff said about them. That being said, it's clear the way their management operates is too permissive of shit slinging other operations. I don't have online reps, but if one of my guys acted like that I would be personally reaching out to the source they were disparaging and apologizing. Now I don't expect I'll get an apology all this time later or anything, it doesn't keep me up at night, but personally it just gives that "bad first impression" to have a brand's reps coming after you and then the boss not doing anything about it, not owning it, etc.. Own your shit, take responsibility for your reps' actions. There are other big Canadian labs that make mistakes and publicly apologize for those mistakes on open forums.

Sorry for the longwinded rant!

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