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Matty Marple Scammer

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Hello Folks this is our latest Scammer , He scammed BT , This person was a long time customer of BT for 5 years and suddenly turned scammer . Bt sends orders out to valuable customers before receiving payment in good faith but he tried to say BT tracking was no good item couldn’t be found every option to not to pay and he cancelled EMT and made off with free gear. 






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On Aug 22, 2020, 1:17 PM, Matty Marple < chefmarple@hotmail.com> wrote:

Go ahead put me a scammet list!! Your track number you gave me a fake Canada post has no number in there data so don't even and try and give me oh they haven't updated it, every package scan when sent is in the system your number isn't in the system, so ya I cancelled it you wanna call me a scammer go right ahead, I'm the one that's been scammed and I have zero with your lack of faith. So ya until there is a actually real tracking the EMT will stayed cancelled and after 5 years of business you wanna act this unprofessional go right ahead 
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Wow.  I understand that miss communication and or mishaps can happen with packages (it’s happened to me). But this seems quite a bit flaky to say the least.   From my understanding, Bodytech has a very good reputation, and I wouldn’t think they would smear their own reputation this way.    The alleged scammer seems as though he is covering his tracks.  And the fact that he is “ok” with having his personal information posted out there in the open is a pretty big red flag.   I know for sure just the mere hint of my personal information being posted publicly would scare the pants off me, and I would do anything in my power to get things resolved civilly.  Especially with how crazy the world has been these past months.

this here is the exact reason why reputable labs are weary of the new comers and first time customers.  In the end it screws people more than the actual scammer himself.  I don’t know how large the initial order was, but the one posted wasn’t anything you need to be sneaky about..

I do hope this gets resolved for all parties involved, if not I hope that dude gets what’s coming to him!

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Wow, all of that over $125?   Way to go dumbass.  Sounds to me like he was buying for other people, got himself in a jam.  Probably either didn’t come through as promised and owed them money, so in turn her destroyed the trust built up with BT knowing they would ship his stuff before receiving payment in good faith (as stated in the first few emails).   When my buddy used to home brew, I witnessed him break someone’s legs with a motorcycle helmet years ago because a guy screwed him out of money.   Good luck Matty, you’re completely in the wrong in this one.   

I do respect that BT gave this guy a chance, Matty had the time to make things right, and now look what’s happened.   Idiot.  Plain and simple.

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Hey, guys. Can 100% assure you this guy is a scammer for sure. He asked me to loan him $380 which he promised to re-pay in 10 days. When I sent him the e-transfer request he blocked it. Proceeded to say he’d lost his job and couldn’t pay me back. Also blocked me in all social media. 
Come to find out he proposed to his gf soon after. Guess he REALLY needed that money to get her ring. 
Total scum bag. 

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