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  1. Well, here's my .002. Science isn't perfect, because everybody is different and responds to training differently. I do cardio and weightlifting fasted. Started a few years ago, won't ever go back to working out with food in my gut . I respond very well to it. And that's bulking as well. I find that I get a much leaner bulk when working out fasted, and when cutting I find my definition much more defined.
  2. Has anybody tried out their meridia, tb500, and/or bpc-157?
  3. Well, it’s been officially announced that if re elected the liberals are banning the AR15 and will be confiscating said firearms. They’re considering a buy back program which of course will undercut those of us who’ve invested a lot of money into these things. It’s a fucking joke. The AR15 is now 100% been politicized. I think the last time one was used in a shooting here in Canada was 2004. Knee jerk reactions to what’s happening in another countries, and to at least give the appearance of doing something to salvage their abysmal election chances. Well, mine isn’t for sale and I certainly won’t be complying so I guess I’ll be a papered criminal by the end of the year. For those who don’t own an AR and don’t care, just be aware that this is only the beginning. Your Remington 700 high capacity sniper rifle of doom will be coming after handguns #fuckTrudeau and his stupid fucking cardboard water box sort of things
  4. Can you elaborate a bit on this? I’m really curious about what that’s like, I’m an ex chef of almost 20 years, and I’ve cooked in a lot of different areas and venues and prison is something I never even considered, I always thought it was ran by inmates. I’ll never set foot in a commercial kitchen again but I’d still like to know a bit of what it’s like if you don’t mind?
  5. Hey guys, just need a bit of a refresher here. It’s been quite sometime since I’ve ran any gear, so I’m a bit fuzzy. Just running a basic testosterone cyp 500mg weekly. Probably for 8 weeks, maybe longer, we’ll see how it plays it out but my question is when to start taking my ai I take aromasin 12.5,, and 3x a week was enough for me but when should I start popping it? Second week of pinning? No hcg or pct I don’t care about ball size or kids and I’m on trt
  6. Ex chef, landscaper and just in the middle of getting my class 3 license to drive for the rest of my life
  7. Bit of a misunderstanding, it’s 150/mg every 2 weeks and it’s pretty close to my sweet spot which was 200/mg every 2 weeks. Id be going back to that dosage on my own anyway for the next few months but I’m seriously considering a test cycle right away.
  8. Well, my doctor actually listened to me this time around. I’m up to 150/mg bi weekly instead of the 200/mg weekly I was originally prescribed to, and up from 100/mg every 3 weeks I see it as a win though, I thought for sure she wasn’t going to continue my hrt, and that there’ll be a fight. Pretty shocking.
  9. Here’s mine, Sam a 3 year old German Shepard
  10. Here in southern Alberta, we’re at 98.9 two days ago. Was 1.17+ with that fucking carbon tax, but for now that’s not an issue
  11. My original doctor a few years ago, through trial and error over 6 months (and blood work and actual conversation ) had me dialed in at 2cc bi weekly, (100/mg x2) which is where I felt good. He was okay with dosage, and actually listened to what I was saying. Current doctor keeps cutting me down every six months, she currently only wants me doing 1cc every 3 weeks. Pretty sure tomorrow she’s going to try to take me right off of it
  12. Sounds like your doctor’s even more closed minded then mine. I disagree with your libido comment, only because that my low sex drive almost got me divorced (and is why I started TRT)so I put a huge emphasis on that. A healthy sex life is crucial not vane, and fuck anyone who says otherwise. If my doctor said or hinted that to me I’d be filing a formal complaint and definitely searching for a new doc and self administer but I don’t know your entire situation, but that’s how I feel. I had a male doctor put me on trt, moved twice since then and have had 2 female doctors since and both are against trt. Feels biased
  13. Well, this was back in November when I asked this and I figured since I’m back now I’d mention that as of right now, my doctor hasn’t taken me off of it yet. She took me down to 1 cc every 3 weeks of test cypianate for the last 6 months and to do my bloods end of May. Well the first 4 months I just did my own thing and doubled that because fuck her, and then I went down to her prescribed dose and did my bloods. I have an appointment with her tomorrow afternoon about the results, I’ll just say the usual “no sex drive wife hates me can’t sleep depressed blah blah blah” and see how it goes.
  14. You really start feeling the benefits after a few months. I think the libido increase was almost right away for me as well. But I feel great, even at the dr’s prescribed dosage, I run and work circles around kids almost 20 years younger then myself. I do occasionally go above the dosage in a blast and cruise type deal, and it definitely helps my (and yours) workouts. I didn’t find that I sleep anymore then I did pre-trt, but rather that I function a lot better while still only sleeping 4-6 hours a night, so I guess the quality improved. Same with confidence. I was stuck in the same dead end career that I hated but never had the balls to change or do anything about until all of a sudden I wasn’t afraid of trying something different, which I 100% attribute to being on trt, so there’s that too. Have fun with it man, it’s the closest thing to a fountain of youth that I know of.
  15. I don’t know about most posts. There’s always going to be that one guy who’ll post a ton of stupid shit just to win. I’d say most reps, or if mods have the time to actually pour over the threads, whoever actually contributes the most to relevant topics (answering questions, giving advice, showing wife’s boobies)
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