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  1. I have personally banned him myself Have a great day
  2. I don’t agree with you posting pics of your lab here without being a sponsor What proof do you have I am friends with affliction?
  3. So this guy can post up his products here and solicit members through PM while we have sponsors on this board???
  4. 3ml

    Carbon tax scam

    Oh man I don’t know how people on the opposing side of the floor don’t run over and smash his ugly fucking nose flat during question period
  5. 3ml

    Carbon tax scam

    I’m hoping it can’t be enforce until it’s finished in court, and hopefully that rides out until election time. We can live the summer free of this crushing bullshit tax
  6. 3ml

    Carbon tax scam

    Lol fuck that’s probably just the start, probably tax conservative views if he gets in again the cunt honestly if he does get in again...I got some dough put away. I may liquidate assets here and just ride out 4 years in Mexico fuck it
  7. 3ml

    Carbon tax scam

    That’s exactly it my man...they need money to replace the conservative white man
  8. 3ml

    Carbon tax scam

    We are free from carbon tax today... filled the truck and saved just over $10 With the amount I drive that almost a free Mexico trip per year Fuck carbon tax
  9. 50 am to start aftet a few weeks 50 am/pm make sure you got some gear and GH in your blood though
  10. Didn’t bother me i made sure my estro was in control prior to the shots when I got home 14 days later I was totally fine
  11. 3ml

    Sarms and women

    No not really she tried MK677 for a few days and she blew up her tits were enourmous and she complained her hands were sore lol. I wanted her to stay on for longer as I was enjoying the tits but she wouldn’t lol. so as far as the outlined cycle no she’s not seen anything adverse yet. Still got her period although it was short. She’s definitely holding some water, it’s a much different look than say when she runs Anavar. Her main complaint is trying to fit into clothes. Her quads Hams and ass which were lagging have absolutely exploded. I should mention she’s 5’11 so not like it’s 18lbs on a 5’ frame. But still very impressive shes done Ostarine on its own and Anavar on its own, neither of these cycles came close
  12. 3ml

    Sarms and women

    Wow is all I have to say GF has gone on a cycle of sarms and started powerlifting. She’s up 18lbs and her PR’s are insane!!!! Here’s what she’s on 25mg Ostarine/day 10mg Rad 140/on training days 10mg Cardarine/day The results have been incredible I wish guys could gain so much off so little
  13. Here is some food for thought i don’t care if it’s the most expensive lab or the cheapest its all cheap!!!!!!! Fellas 20 years ago you didn’t have a shopping list and have every AAS, Serms etc available. You bought what your dealer had when he had it and paid dearly for it. here some common prices from back in the day...oh ya keep in mind 20 years ago $100 was a lot more than 100 today 30ml Upjohn winstrol $375 5mg Russian dbol $1 a tab Sustanon 20-25 an amp Brovel Deca $200-300 50ml jug of Ganabol (50mg/ml Equipoise) $350 Be happy what you have available to you today it’s never been better
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