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  1. Step back and think about what you are saying for a second though over time look at the growth of bitcoin. Yes there is massive price swings. If you are patient it’s historically paid off. I prefer crypto over stocks any day personally. Most Dividends are pretty small. Its also hard to find a decent rate of return interest wise on whatever bullshit investment your banker is trying to sell you. Dont get me wrong there is risk to it most definitely. It’s about timing, patience, market psychology
  2. It’s not exactly easy to lose coins in the chain as you say. I’ve probably done well over 1000 transactions with bitcoin over the years and never ever once had an issue
  3. Was this with bitcoin or etherereum if this is the case though it’s not the coins fault it’s your own
  4. Ok great she wants to try competing but is worried about being tested i told her who gives a fuck but she seems to care lol
  5. Awesome thanks!!
  6. Hey everyone a question for the woman. She’s getting into powerlifting. But she likes sarms lol...are there any untested federations??
  7. I like the idea of ramping up doses I find it keeps me moving in the right direction sometimes I’ll only ramp up one compound but I fully believe ever increasing doses are beneficial
  8. I’ve ran 3 grams it didn’t last long as I couldn’t stand the lethargy. if I didn’t have to work I’d do it again but I couldn’t function but imo 2 grams is better than 1 and 3 grams is better than 2 Thing is don’t jump into it all at once. I believe diminishing returns aren’t as prevalent as people think. If you start at 750 and add 250 a week I can personally guarantee the gains will keep coming IF you are training and eating right. Throw some GH and slin in there and look out
  9. The best advice out of this is to hire a coach That will likely do more for you than fear especially if you have to hide it from your gf I think most of us wish we would have pushed the limit more naturally
  10. My apologies I mixed you up with some other comments from another member. yiy are correct you didn’t say bitcoin is over
  11. You can also watch some of the bigger wallets and some of the old wallets. A lot of them have not gotten rid of any BTC and are holding strong so I’m not completely sure where you are getting your info from
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