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  1. Any androgen will increase rbc and hemoglobin, subsequently hematocrit to some extent, some worse then others. Usually the more androgenic the larger the increase
  2. Hey brother, I prefer to do the standard blood work test. Based on gh serum and igf-1 you can get a pretty good idea on how legitimate and dosed your gh is. I do 10iu fasted, 3 hours after that get your blood drawn. Your gh serum should be elevated. As for igf-1 its best tested after 1-2 months on hgh, I prefer 2. Establish your base line igf1 then when you test 2 months in your igf should be elevated roughly 100 per iu of legitimate gh. Again this will be subjective person to person but gives you a rough idea. As long as its elevated though thats all that matters. For myself 5iu a day of pharma gh put me around 500-600 igf1. And your 10iu gh serum should be 20+ Hope this helps
  3. Awesome man keep it up! Slowly and steady wins the race
  4. I don't even think that cycle is survivable lol. Stroke or clot out in no time with doses like that
  5. Well first things first if you plan to throw it away sender my way first il Guinea pig it for ya ;) So long as they were fridge stored id still try using them expired or not. Worst case scenario they lost some potency and you won't make any gains. I'd say run them if i were you and it's something you're interested in. You could do hgh and add in a sarm of sorts like Sr9009 or whatever you may choose to amplify the gains. Or run a real cycle with it. But definitely do not waste these! Unless they were stored at room temp the past few years then they are likely toast but I'd still give them a run if you don't want to lol
  6. I believe vortex stocks it from time to time reach out to him. But as stated it's also OTC
  7. Welcome to the board riend
  8. Welcome @Not_Natty_Now. Lots of good knowledgable people here to learn from you're in the right place
  9. I'm sure many of us are wondering do you stock mk 677 sir?
  10. Welcome! Lots of great folk with good advice here to help
  11. @Lord FarqwadI confirmed with bt for you and they use a water suspension for their caber.
  12. Superb results especially if you are on a 125mg trt dose @MrGains you'll be a mass monster on cycle
  13. Easiest way if you're new would be reconstitute with 1ml which equals 100iu on a basic 1 ml/100unit Insulin syringe. This would equal 1iu if hgh per 10iu draw assuming your hgh vials are 10 units each. If you want less volume, then use 0.5ml Bac water to reconstitute. And 5iu draw on the slin pin would give you 1iu hgh. Hope this helps and isn't to confusing
  14. Thanks for the recommendation am in the market for a new pre. Nothing I've found to date compares to the old craze preworkout though
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