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  1. The only thing that frigs up my estrogen is dbol cant touch it. everything else good to go
  2. EQ is pretty good for RBC but i still find anadrol better for that(which for whatever reason i dont bloat on anadrol) I think ill try NPP and if i loose that rock hard look then fuck it ill run tren next time. Can anyone compare strength between npp n tren?
  3. Never used NPP before, anyone with experience? Whats it like for athletic work compared to tren? Tren is great for keeping that rock hard look but shitty for cardio. My joints are dying are two a days sparring, bag work, grappling and weight training. Dont wanna get that bloated look tho and would prefer not to get too far out of my weight class. Anadrol was nice on my joints
  4. Also my advice would be come off slowly long pct and add in the products i mentioned. Then wait a very long time for everything to clear your system before you start trying and get some bloodwork and sperm samples done. Im so paranoid i never did any gear for years before having my kids i would of been afraid of birth defects(ignorantly as i have zero information on that just me being paranoid)
  5. You could use some SARMS that are not technically SARMS. It would soften the blow. Osterine is a sarm but only causes 5% suppression at a moderate dose Cardarine is a PPAR not actually a SARM so that shouldnt do anything to sperm Nutrobal is for GH not a traditional SARM ether and would help sleep, recovery and well being. I havent ever had to look into your problem but thats some info i know that could be helpful so you dont feel like complete garbage
  6. Their tren is top notch ive had enth and ace
  7. Has the end part of the story ever happened to anyone else So i had some bad gyno flair up for the first time in my life i was very worried. Out of nowhere i had a pea sized lump under both nipples. Couldnt get access to any ai or serms because i was travelling(i go around the world alot with work). It suddenly tripled under one nip I was shitting my pants! Got some arimidex and nolva. Ran 1 mg arimidex a day and 40mg a day of nolva for a week then dropped the nolva to 20 for 2 weeks. Gyno got about half the size of a pea on the right side and gone on the left. Was grappling the other night while finishing this protocol and felt a crunch in my right nipp it really hurt and felt wet. Gyno completely gone. Mind is blown has this happened to anyone else or is this all a coincidence
  8. Anavar would be alright but its pricey, for what you want superdrol might be a nice starter but its apparently hard on the liver Being a newfoundlander i have a battle tested liver
  9. I would just use the sarms between cycles, they are great products with fantastic uses but you could use that extra money for a kick start oral. I dont think they work as good as aas for size or lean muscle gain. Cardarine is great for cardio and burning fat, osterine is good for joints and a nice boost during pct. Aas will lead to better size and strength gains in the gym also more intensity Thats just my personal opinion
  10. Anadrol for sure Off cycle for S&C i love mr hyde. For combat sports i like a bcaa with a coffee and a multi I keep the caffeine minimal on cycle cause i dont need it i just feel godly all day long and i want my nervous system to recover while i shut down my own hormones. Then when im off cycle ill let my hormones recover while i thrash my nervous system. Cant have it all by
  11. Nice man everyone loving the madol here Does it increase aggression too or just strength
  12. I was reading this was the drug behind balco, all those top level athletes must of taken it for a reason(other than just being hard to detect)
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