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  1. I got their replies a few days after as well. Gonna try out their super solvent formula lol
  2. Wondering if anyone know they are active and taking orders?emailed twice and have no replies...
  3. I don't know if I can just walk into any store and get it. I used buyneedles.ca
  4. Yea I started to use my 31g since they switched to MCT and had not problem drawing it out, I also don't have a bulge afterwards
  5. Yes it is. Way better than nolva and less harmful than letro!
  6. I had existing gyno before the cycle. Then it flares up a lot during the ment cycle. Now I dropped the ment and runs only with trt test E and DHB. Yes it shrinks about 65% now.
  7. @GenetecResearch I purchased your evista (raloxifiene) for my existing gyno during my ment cycle. When I was in my Ment cycle, it flares up my existing gyno and it became painful. I already took aromasin a few days before my cycle and during to bring my estrogen down but it did nothing to stop it. Figured out they have the ralox so I bought it. To be honest. With aromasin and ralox during the ment cycle it only prevent my gyno to grow bigger and make it a little less painful. The magic is starting right after I stopped the ment and continue the ralox. 3 weeks of ralox now and my gyno shrinked at about 65% than before. The feeling is weird when it shrinks. My nipples will feel a bit hurt a few times during the day.
  8. The DHB is real good. On my 5th week now and the shape is looking full, better than before when on NPP.
  9. Well, he was asking about the bodytech's Tren. So it's dark.
  10. Thanks for all of the infos. I ended up capped them with 100mg each. But notice some moisture right after I capped it, so I think next time I will just mix it with food or whatever.
  11. Tren is supposed to be a dark colour, they had a pic in a few pages ago in this thread of the Tren with MCT oil. Metal taste of the Tren is also normal
  12. Haven't try the Tren because I hate the Tren. But most of their stuff I tried: test e, NPP, madol, DHB, m1t, ment are all good. The ment gave me gyno within a week with 25mg aromasin everyday.
  13. It's new, will have to email the rep here. Even oral Tren is available and it won't show yet.
  14. Currently in they week 2 of the DHB. The solution is extremely thin, thinner than any of their products. No PIPs at all in all of my body parts. I was able to use a 30g insulin needle without problems. BT did a good job on the formula for DHB, umder this cold weather and my solution are still delivered in a liquid form and not crashing. It has an after taste like tren. Tren is a metallic taste and DHB is something else that I can't explain. You will know when you pin that in. Slight body temperature increases and mild night sweats.
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