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Hey man so this is whats best get your hands on Vitamin b5, Vitamin B3 & L carnitine i would throw in barberry extract in it aswell

Barberry extract clinical study on acne


you can get these all (B3/B5/L carnitine) from a company called Bulksupplement you can find them on amazon 

If you want to know what dosages check out this guy that explains it perfectly and knows what's coming out of his mouth in other words (non pun intended) he knows what hes talking about 

P.s - you should start an face and body routine with products from either  Neutrogena (recommended) or Proactive (Recommended aswell)

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1 hour ago, CapeBretonDadBod said:

Accutane but it’s a last resort it’s pretty harsh and I’m not sure if many labs carry it

Accutane can be harsh on the liver. I would not run it with any other orals, like winny, dbol etc. However, i have run it at the same time as test, tren, and MK677 and my liver bloods were high normal. Accutane is like magic and after 3 months acne is gone. Actually i had a bottle on hand, just in case i got acne sides this summer cycle (test, tren, mast) but didnt need it. Part of what like about accutane is that it actually minimises acne coming back in the future. I was leary at first before i took it, but it worked so good and did't effect my liver much.  

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