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  1. The above are good suggestions. I could also recommend Clenbuterol and belviq. Good progress though man, use these tools and you could dial it in good.
  2. Ya the pip could be for lots of reasons. You could have expired test and as long as its not opened or used it should be ok. Test doesn't go bad. However, 10 years old might be sketchy. Do what you your body tells you. Cheers bro
  3. Hey, no i do not think they are connected.
  4. I agree with synyster. Test p, tren a, mast e, 1mg every other day, and var 50mg ed.
  5. Halo will start working in like 30 mins. You will have increased aggression and push a little harder. I run 20 mgs pre workout. Anadrol i start to notice after about a week or two, by week 3 i am noticeably stronger. I find that my appetite is depleted on anadrol, so i run it with eq and MK677 to help me eat more and get better gains.
  6. Like i said before, they are going a rep change and growing pains. There are active reps like myself present on the forums and can work with NL members. Let me know if i can be of service in the future or any of the other reps here too.
  7. Trans has gone through a rep change which caused some issues with orders. I know the guys. I assure you that things will work out. Moving forward i can help you with GD products if you want to give us a go
  8. Trans has gone through a rep change which caused some issues with orders. I know the guys. I assure you that things will work out. Moving forward i can help you with GD products if you want to give us a go.
  9. I had some of the worst acne all over my body, especially the back. Nothing worked. I took accutaine for 3 months and it was gone. I wasn't going to take it because i read it was bad etc. I found that when i wasn't taking any other orals and not drinking my liver functions were fine and i had no other sides. I over thought the process and took a year trying all of this other shit to help with the acne, and 3 months of accutaine and boom all gone, no sides.
  10. Lowering you e too much with Letro will actually ruin your gains. Letro is not the AI through out a whole cycle to use especially when only 500mg of test. It is a tool you run at the end of a comp prep to give you a dried out look along with diuretics. Again no disrespect, but you should not be running letro and running nova and adex/or arom The reason i am suggesting letro for this guy is because if he was just getting gyno now, and his e levels were super high, if caught in time taking letro (because it is so strong) may reverse the sides and quickly lower his high e. But as others have said get your bloods done and see whats whats and be safe.
  11. Letro will significantly lower your estro. Taking that for one or two week will lower your e very low, almost tank it. But it will stop any sides and possibly shrink the bumps if caught in time. I have done this and it as worked.
  12. Order some letro and take 2 tabs a day for 7 days while taking the above nova recommendation. If the lumps shrink, take the letro again for a week. Continue to take your test and then start with .5 adex ever other day.
  13. I like a couple Helios, some halo, and any pre work out just to get me going and let the others finish the session
  14. My understanding so far is that China has banned Cialis and Viagra for sure. I can not speak the rest. I will let you know when I know more.
  15. Not sure what kind of greasy guy would sell gear to an 18yr old. I would listen to the guys on here and wait it out a couple more years before you add the test and HCG. Your body is a machine right now and you don't need to mess with your hormones.
  16. Ya I'm pinning .5 ml of test 250 once a week at the moment. Its been a good cruise and i wont amp it up until late dec, or beginning of Jan.
  17. I don't have that knowledge for you. Hopefully someone here does though. I do know that MK677 is relatively safe and side free, other than hunger and a little drowsy. Most people including myself put on some size, usually 4- 10 Lbs. You could stack it with some Mast or primo would defiantly get you some size quick with little sides. Good luck !
  18. Some people are also allergic to the oils, like grapeseed. You could try a lab that uses a different type of oils. Or ya it could be how your body reacts to the hormones? sucks buddy.
  19. I've ran Test E amps from Iran before. That shit was great!
  20. My wife does the 1 iu a day sometimes. It really seems to help her with her back pain as well as the recovery from the gym. She doesnt compete either and is more using it for the the benefits i mentioned. She recently stopped a couple months ago and her back pain has come back pretty strong, so i am gonna get her another kit soon and see if that will help her like before. I did 1 iu ed and sometimes 2 if she had a big day at the gym. I wouldnt go higher than that.
  21. I have heard of them a buddy of mine that uses that lab. I believe that its a west coast lab that's why you might not know of it. From what i have heard its ok stuff.
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