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  1. Accutane can be harsh on the liver. I would not run it with any other orals, like winny, dbol etc. However, i have run it at the same time as test, tren, and MK677 and my liver bloods were high normal. Accutane is like magic and after 3 months acne is gone. Actually i had a bottle on hand, just in case i got acne sides this summer cycle (test, tren, mast) but didnt need it. Part of what like about accutane is that it actually minimises acne coming back in the future. I was leary at first before i took it, but it worked so good and did't effect my liver much.
  2. i spoke to Hinler Clein, he does not live in Canada or the US. So i understand the question now. I suggested no AI unless the sides come. Keep it on hand.
  3. Hey bro do not take letro for an ai that cycle. Its not hard to find adex or arom. In box me for other questions. The letro is a bad idea. That is way to strong and you will not see the befits of that cycle and will probably cause more harm than good.
  4. Ya its a long go, but i donate blood after 3 months to clean out the system.
  5. I love EQ. I get super vascular and eat tons ! I like to run it for at least 5 months. Its slow working compound but i love it.
  6. Hey bro this could be a number things. First, yes could have hit a bad spot for sure. Second, your body might not agree with oil used? I'm guessing its grapeseed oil but some labs are using MTC oil, or it could be another kind. In the past i have run 400 test e and have had pip. The test was good, possibly over dosed and given the 400mg all test e and possibly over dosed, could make the pip a little more intense. When i added another compound, like eq, the pain was less as the test was diluted with Eq. Lastly some if the alcohol in the test is too high that could cause soreness. Theses are just some possibilities. I'm sure some other guys will have some other ideas too. Cheers !
  7. Ok man, sorry you had a bad experience. I was not the rep at the time. The offer is on the table if you like. Cheers man
  8. I agree with you man, every word. I have let it ride and had sides. So i always run anti e and nova. Its better then getting permanent damage. Great reply
  9. Did you get that blend from us? If so I am sorry you were disappointed. Let me know if i could hook you up with a discount. I am not the same rep.
  10. I love this board and appreciate how thing are run on here, less bullshit and more brotherhood.
  11. Hey Guys, the TNN is a good blend. I have a buddy running it right now. He says the results are great. Sorry i didn't see this earlier. I was not on this forum when the original post was made and i am a new Guardian rep. Shoot me an email [email protected] and il sort you out with 1st timer discount.
  12. Arimidex and aromasin are equally as good. I usually run Arim. Letro is good if you are e levels are very high and gyno is starting. IF the gyno has started (small lumps/puffiness) take 2 letro for a week, see if that brings down the puffiness. Follow that protocol for one more week no longer. Crashing your e is not good. I run arim when i am take 400mg of test a more. Check your bloods, as everyone's bodys are different.
  13. I am starting my cruise. 250mg of test the last 2 weeks and down to 125 mg next. I added my MK as well. So far i am feeling good and hoping to keep most of my mass.
  14. Sounds like you hit a vein, nothing to worry about. Happens bro
  15. Ya i find that i am more prone to cruise for a few months. I find that my sex drive is next to none with a 125 a week, cruise and sometimes i amp up my cycles early just so i can improve my libido lol
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