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  1. Ya you will like the torch. I think working your way up will be good. You take any pct after your done ?
  2. You could also take your arom or adex every other day and also lower your dose of test. Scale back to 200-250 per week your e will drop back down. A lower dose of test will keep your e down as well.
  3. Hey bro, I carry it too. Email me if you want. Go to the Guardian link and my email is there.
  4. Fair enough. I don’t mind if someone gives a bad review, but I don’t know this guy. He should take it up with trans not me. His issue has nothing to me, so really it should be taken right off. I’m fully transparent. I actually had a fuck up yesterday where someone got the wrong order. So I will make it right and communicate regularly until it’s fixed. Like I said, shit happens sometimes that is out of my control. But I have not lied to anyone, so this guy needs to take his issue elsewhere as I said I don’t know him.
  5. Hey man. Im sorry that you feel that way. Things do happen, but I don’t remember anyone ever waiting a month for their order, ever. I will admit that sometimes shit happens and orders get delayed, however, I always answer my emails and keep people posted on the status. Secondly, sometimes when the shipping guy runs out of a item, they will make a substitute in order to make sure the order is complete. I don’t see that as shady or gear being relabeled. I feel putting me on blast on here without sending me an email to discuss your issues to give an opportunity to make things right, then posting another lab on the thread is uncalled for. I’m glad you found a lab you like. One last thing, this is the guardian review thread, and you have beef with the trans rep, which isn’t me. So take this to the person you have an issue with because I don’t know you. cheers.
  6. Thanks man. Always take care of the guys!
  7. Hey man. I have access to transpharma or you can get Guardian. I always give good deals and get back on emails daily. [email protected]
  8. Hey man. I have access to transpharma or you can get Guardian. I always give good deals and get back on emails daily. [email protected]
  9. Glad that i can help you out man. Appreciate the shout out. Hope you are happy with the products. Cheers bro.
  10. Keep me posted bro. I am sure you will be happy with the results.
  11. Hey buddy. I'm glad you are happy. Let me know if i can do anything else for you.
  12. So much great advice on this thread. Take it from the old school guys, less is more, Test e is easier to manage then sust, superdrol is not a powerful as Anadrol, DNP is dangerous and should be taken after diet and other cuts are over, 6 months of a certain goal is key to get the results and better for your body, and lastly running gear is a tool and users need to be responsible with them as it can damage your body. Please use responsibly.
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