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  1. Welcome To NorthernLifters
  2. Thank You Sir , We are glad you are happy with us , Again Thank You For Your Continued Support. MedicusResearch Team.
  3. Ok NorthernLifters We have a sale for a great cause, When you spend $200.00 you will receive one free item of equal or lesser value to your most expensive item and we will donate $5 per item to the board , If you spend more then $200 we will donate $7 per item to the board . This sale ends October 30.
  4. Our Pleasure, Thank you for taking the time to post this we really appreciate the feedback, Please enjoy your products , We hope you allow us the pleasure of doing business with you again . MedicusResearch Team.
  5. Dear Valued Customer , Your order was placed on a weekend so 2 days of the process was taken up on our off days , Then we process on the next work day as it isn’t one order at a time and then we ship . And provide tracking when your package goes out. Hope this adds clarification to things. MedicusResearch Team
  6. Yes please post blood work, I have a hard time believing that on 125mg you needed an ai Stranger things have happened but the dose you speak is usually a trt dose for many men.
  7. I second this , Change to test-e and 125mg every 3.5 days as stated above , have an ai on hand use a necessary but at that low of a dose it usually isn’t needed most people require an ai at 500mg and above. Most new users don’t realize that estrogen is required to build quality muscle. I even let mine run slightly high at time’s for growth. It’s all a balance my friend.
  8. This Sale is now over , Thank you for choosing MedicusResearch .
  9. Hello NL , I just wanted to take the time to say we are running at full throttle for all your AAS needs . I’m the new face of MedicusResearch I’ve been in the lifting game for over 25 years and I’m always available to you . Medicusresearch@protonmail.com , please use our reference code MedicusRepNL1 in every order this is our home board so we want to know it’s our loyal members here at NL.
  10. The order email is Medicusresearch@protonmail.com , Use code MedicusRepNL1 in all orders as well as use proper template for order.
  11. I drink almost that same shake , If you don’t mind may I make a suggestion as to one added ingredient I use. 1/2 cup plain plain Greek yogurt, adds good calories ands more protein and doesn’t take away from the taste just makes it a little thicker.
  12. Thanks for your honest review sir ! We strive to bring you the highest quality AAS in Canada , Each and every review drives us to do the best for you ! This is a personal Thank You from MedicusResearch!
  13. Just stick with that brother add 50mg proviron ed and low cal and cardio you should get nice results and you will feel much better.
  14. Ok Tren most likely the cause it just comes with the territory, There is a possibility of high E2 or its creeping up , I would try half of an aromasin just on each pin day and see how that goes. Keep us posted.
  15. Hello NorthernLifters we are doing a 1 month sale from July 6 to 31 this will be 5 dollars off our items. Please use our reference code with every order MedicusRepNL1, This greatly helps us to know you are from this board.
  16. Just wanted to make sure you were ok , Don’t take offense , just concerned about liver and kidney function, Please drink lots of water.
  17. I was more so concerned with toxicity, You just looked very red with an off colour , If that’s normal for you carry on , Just be careful sir .
  18. Was your skin always that colour? Or is it the sun ? Or did this just come on ? Your response matters .
  19. Congratulations for winning our auction, Please leave us a review when you start we are excited to know what you think
  20. Mig only affects less than 1% of the population and usually dissipates after the body adapts to the change . Hope this helped
  21. 88 everything I have been reading and I’ve looked at all your posts you had a rough start here but you started to fall into a groove where there was no drama and I have to say @CapeBretonDadBod was very very tolerant with everything don’t get fired up and slide backwards earn your stripes and earn there respect and you will do well because you are determined and motivated.
  22. Time’s ticking now , Get your bids in there is still value here.
  23. I believe now is the time to stop looking at the scale and go by how your clothing is fitting and how you look in the mirror the scale can drive you crazy at times , You are killing it bro !
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