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  1. Russians are cheaters and liars, they always have been and they always will be. It's in their blood. Doesn't matter how many times they get caught or banned. If they don't cheat they won't be up near the top of the standings which they are too proud / delusional to endure.
  2. So to update I have since this original post started running Humatrope and absolutely love it. I managed to find a reasonably priced source which made it feasible to run my usual 2-4iu/d without breaking the bank. Much better results in terms of fatloss and less water retention. No more red welts at the injection site which was hit and miss with generics (I am very sensitive to this and with some I would look like I got hit by a golf ball). I still get the numbness in the hands with higher doses but only when running up around 8iu/d Huma which honestly is too expensive for me to run anyway. I did this briefly just to see what the results were like. I've done some generics that were bad and some that were good but nothing that compared to these 72iu Humatrope cartridges.
  3. Why on earth would you be running those doses after being off for 3 years?
  4. Hoping for some advice from some of the guys (or ladies) that have tried Selank and or Semak....what was your experience? Was one better than the other? I have read that they can be stacked...is it worth it to stack them or just run one on it's own? Thanks in advance for any advice... Neverwas
  5. I've helped a few female friends out with cycles...Var at 5-10mg is a good place to start (one friend has run it as high as 25mg split into 3 doses through the day but did comment it was a bit too much), I think 5-10mg is the sweet spot and best to split it into at least two doses (AM and PM) to try to keep levels stable. For SARMs Ostarine works well and can be tolerated without sides at a fairly high dose...same friend who has run higher doses of Var is going to try LDG-4033 soon, seems like some good reviews out there for women using it.
  6. I used DBol (20-40mg) pre-workout many many times but have been using Madol (10mg) and Stanalone (20mg) pre-workout which is amazing. Strength and stamina is great and no issues with cramping which was sometimes a problem with DBol.
  7. I agree, your dose is a bit high....200-250iu E3D is enough
  8. I would definitely have an anti-e (adex or aromasin) in there and be ready with the nolva...700mg/w of test is a pretty high dose to be running without these
  9. If you're not someone that has run Tren or Deca before be ready with something to deal with Prolactin (I prefer Caber at 0.25mg ED to EOD) to avoid ED and gyno issues. I agree with the comments to separate your goals goals into size and cutting. I have always favored long cycles of 6 months or more, spending the first few months focused on size and then switch gears to cutting in the latter half. For the bulking portion I like test alone or in combination with EQ and or masteron (not a Deca fan but you could swap EQ for Deca if you were)...for heavy lifting days something like 20-40mg Dbol pre-workout and for the days when I am doing higher rep stuff I like 20-40mg Stanalone pre-workout. Sometimes I take 20+20mg of both. Got some Madol for the next cycle starting soon and looking forward to trying it. For the cutting portion switch it up to a lower dose of test and add tren and mast (or Primo and mast if you are trying to keep sides to a minimum). Then usually about 2-3 weeks of just 25-50mg Proviron and 25-50mg/d Anavar. Maybe some T3 thrown in the middle somewhere in the 12.5-50mcg/d range (ramping up and down). After the 2-3 week break from pinning I do a month or two of 150-200mg/w test only then slowly drop to 0 to ease my way off...take 3--4 months off then repeat. I have found this has made for easier recovery from long cycles. I am also in the less is more camp. if you need more kick and have the budget for it GH is a nice addition but is a long term commitment and expensive. If your budget is tight then MK677 or one of the GH releasing peptides might be a better option. I have never done Slin but it seems like most if not all pros got to the level they did using it, I would rather try this personally than go into the 1gram/w+ doses...too many side effects for me. Not that Slin should be taken lightly when the adverse events include coma/death so if you're going this route do your homework. I also agree 100% that compounds are only one piece of bulking and cutting...diet and exercise need to be a major focus. For the bulking portion I eat whatever and train as often as I can with weights. For the cutting portion I switch to a low carb paleo type diet and switch to higher rep work and endurance exercises. Good luck with your goals.
  10. It was a long time ago. I can't remember...whatever the standard dose was. My doc prescribed it and I took it only for a month or so. As soon as the ED started I stopped immediately. Went back to normal but took a month or two. Not everyone gets this side effect but for me it was bad.
  11. I took Proscar and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. Struggled to get a boner. After that I was like "fuck, I'd rather be bald and have a dick that works". Use a topical (like Rogain) that just blocks the DHT receptors in the scalp. I am also using a shampoo with Biotin which seems to have made it fuller all over. Some people use Nizoral shampoo which also works to block the DHT in the scalp.
  12. Use Rogain? Top / Back is the only area it's proven to work on. I am balding in the same spot and have been taking it to prevent losing more. Doesn't seem to be growing hair but I am at least not losing more and have been doing fairly high dose DHTs...body hair is pretty out of control though.
  13. @DrD would you dose the TB-500 and the BPC-157 the same at 1.5mg? or stick with the lower dose on the BPC (500mcg/d) like the OP had described? I like the idea of using a product that already has 5+5mg of both compounds but then you have no way of dosing the TB-500 higher.
  14. I finished the whole protocol. It did initially take away all the tendinitis symptoms in both my Achilles (and completely got rid of the tennis elbow), I started running again (which normally would set off the tendinitis by the next day), I progressively ramped up the intensity and frequency of my runs...at about 3 weeks out of running intervals I got up to 3x/w (30mins / 5K with one or two flat out runs and the rest of the time alternating between a fast jog / slow run and walking) before the symptoms started coming back...mind you I have not been running a maintenance phase (I just did the initial 4 week load) and perhaps should have but I wanted to test and see how it would hold up without continuing to run the TB and BCP. I have to admit I am impressed, these two drugs did more than RMT, Shockwave, and accupuncture did. It's certainly not a cheap solution but it seems to work at least in the short term. I am going to give it some time off and try this protocol again in the fall with the hope of returning to touch rugby in the winter to give it a proper test. This time I will continue to run at least a low dose of TB/BCP a couple times a week.
  15. Thanks for passing this on....kinda matches up with what I have heard...the cost benefit to legit Pharmaceutical HGH is just not worth it in comparison to buying Generic (what he would call Pharma), maybe you have to take a little extra of the generic stuff to match the results of something like Omnitrope but at 3-4 times the price why not just go generic and take a bit more?? I was impressed to hear that his numbers with MK677 were roughly the same as 2iu of Generic GH.
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