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    Lgd and mk677 are both pretty good. Lgd4033 is good for a little bit of strength and size. I’ve used both. Like to run the mk677 for a few months to really feel it. Any where from 12.5mg to 25mg per day. For me 25 worked the best. For lgd I ran it at 10mg. Worked pretty good between blasts. I also threw in some ostarine in there.
  2. Lol no doubt man. A collection like that you are definitely an addict. Insane for sure
  3. They are just that, a research chemical. Most, of not all, have no long term testing done so no one really knows the long term affects of these substances. Sure you can dose whatever but most of these doses are coming from the fitness realm and what works for the users. Every user varies that’s for sure. But until further studies and longer term tests are done who knows what a lot of these chemicals can do to us in the long term. Most I feel are harmless but who really knows. It’s the risk we all take who use them
  4. I’d say deca for bulking for sure
  5. I’d say Var for clean gains and strength all depending on diet. TBol will give you better gains in size but won’t be as clean as Var imo. Diet is huge with both of these regardless.
  6. He said to read the first post in this thread. Also, read the rules thanks
  7. Rare to blue for this guy lol
  8. There is always that chance of crashing your E. but I go by feel and take it sparingly more for prevention. The only way to know where you’re at for sure tho is by getting bloods done.
  9. Pretty much go by feel. Make sure you take asin with a good dose of fats also. It’s fat soluable
  10. About 12.5mg E3D usually does the trick. But everyone will be different
  11. Aromasin bud. This always eliminates the tingle for me.
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