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  1. ElectricRocker

    Justin Trudeau

    You couldn’t have said it any better man
  2. Just seen @Frank.Castle working out! He calls this routine “date night” good job frank 30D6DF95-73DF-4E23-973B-3169E50B167B.mp4
  3. ElectricRocker

    Justin Trudeau

    @Sorbate I hope so. With all of these scandals and shit that’s going on they have to be taken down. Trudeau is very dangerous and all about the UN global migration pact.
  4. ElectricRocker

    Justin Trudeau

    Trudeau’s libs are finally falling apart. Butts just resigned. Gunna be an interstitial next little while
  5. Couple solid weeks up to a month out of the year(not consecutively) I stay out of the gym and don’t even think about it. Plan this mostly around the summer with vacations and stuff.
  6. I haven’t used it but had A buddy use it. Gains were awesome he loves it but also said that the pip can be almost intolerable at anything over 200mg.
  7. Mind over matter! I do one 24 hour fast per week. Brutal but very rewarding
  8. look what’s coming tomorrow now for fack sakes 🥵
  9. Yes you got that right- it does. I have nexium in hand. Use it at least once a month, Zantac almost every couple days. Been using nexium a lot more in the past when I drank more beer. Cutting the beer out also almost eliminated my heartburn.
  10. Lol yeah I hear you. I’m doing like 15-20cm every couple days it seems. Insane
  11. Yeah man that wasn’t really a review about the lab, and it’s not against the rule to post your experience, but what you said was about a product from the source not a review based on, I.e...How was the service, packaging, shipping time, quality of product etc?? That’s a complete review. Not just a single post regarding one product brother. That’s why I asked if you spoke to your source?, I’m sure they’d be happy to help you out regarding your concern.
  12. Hey brother this is your first post and you’re talking about the quality of the product you speak of. Seems odd to me as a first post, but have you spoke to your source about this first or are you here for ulterior motives?
  13. Damn! Yeah that looks to be a sick ass time.
  14. Just started it last night had some time on nights lmao on episode 5. Great so far!