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  1. Lmao what in the glorious fuck
  2. U noobs and your first time never gets old to hear lol
  3. Oh man for sure, some of them are insane strong as f. Watched one guy one time do pull-ups right over top of bar with arms locked, he did this over 100 times, insane. I can do like 20 plain pull-ups, never mind pushing right up to top arms locked lol.
  4. Most doctors are idiots. Feed her whatever she’ll eat now cause as she grows her appetite will change and she’ll go from eating everything to nothing lol.
  5. What do you all do for a living? How you bring that hard earned $$$ in? I’ll go first. Red seal Industrial sparky here. Never a shortage of work in this trade. Exceptional money in it depending on where you work or what type of electrician you are but wouldn’t change a thing. Hence part of my board name lol.
  6. I wouldn’t really have a solid answer for this as I feel if you get some bloods and your liver values and lipids come back in range I’d say have at er. But it’s a blind guess from here. I too am about 6 weeks removed from taking var for 6 weeks. I have the itch like you lol. Gunna wait a few more weeks then hop back in as I am also taking tudca for liver protection. You taking anything for that?
  7. Let’s go raps! Hopefully they win tonight and bring the first ever nba championship North of the border and end the warriors dynasty.
  8. @BobTheOldLifter Cool let us know how the gear works for ya.
  9. @CapeBretonDadBod I think you need one of these lol
  10. Anywhere between 3-500mg and nolva for pct. Dont forget to grab an AI as well. I prefer asin to adex, easier on my system and lipids. Don’t over think you first run and keep it simple, as in one compound. Try to go at least 12-16 weeks. Good luck in coming to the dark side lol
  11. We used to have that here. Not sure what happened. But I was the first to grab a NL toque. They were nice !
  12. Good to hear man. Nice to hear these stories about trt and the positive affects it has on ones life! Rad 140 is pretty good stuff, if you haven’t tried lgd yet I’d recommend to give that a go at some point also. I find this was one of the best sarms I’ve tried for strength and appearance. I used it as a bridge and almost seemed as tho once it started to kick in was like I was running a low dose simple test only blast. Both good compounds imo.
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