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  1. Wow that’s a fucking beauty. Congrats on that man
  2. This happens once in a while, Knick a vein, more than likely it’s a bit of the blood clotting up under the skin. Keep an eye on it but I’m sure it’s nothing
  3. I agree with @Rosconow on this. Us mods take care of things behind the scenes. You vets can chew them up a bit first lol
  4. I definitely think it could happen, I’m actually sure it will. Maybe in our lifetime or our kids. But I think it’ll be over fast and it won’t be like wars in the past. I think we end up killing most the planet in the next one. Too many countries have nukes.
  5. Definitely keep your eye on it. It’s the “hot and red” that is worrisome. But like the others have said it already. Could be a number of things, but if it doesn’t go away I’m another day or so I’d be going in. Well at least if it gets worse anyways.
  6. I’ve also ordered from them and was great. No complaints here
  7. I recommend it also. Great show!
  8. This is pretty cool and may be of value to some members. https://steroidcalc.com/
  9. I used them a couple times in a pinch lol. Never had an issue when I did
  10. Mk 677 definitely takes a long time. I didn’t start to notice the affects until about the 4th month. Ran it for about 6, was pretty good but nothing crazy.
  11. I would definitely have some on hand. Even at that dose I’d run say aromasin at 12.5mg at least E3-4d. Really depends on how prone you are. I know at that dose of test I run asin regardless. Itchy nips for me are a big indicator lol
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