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  1. Unlocked. Play nice everyone. Also @eightyeight14 learn to take constructive criticism and don’t be too offended by what people have to say, the good or the bad! cheers
  2. Lol we have a bunch of people rocking those around this part of the woods. So fucking lame. Funnier when I seen one on a car, it was dragging on the asphalt.
  3. I’m not laughing at your body. I’m laughing at how ignorant you are for not listening to the truth pal. You said you’re 18% bf. I said you’re not and others have advice as well, and good advice at that. You didn’t like that so now you start attacking and telling all they are full of it. You posted this so you’re going to get criticism, it comes with the territory, Some may be bad and some good, you have to get used to it. There’s a lot of guys here with years on you I’m going to lock this thread and let it cool off for a bit, not going to get into this with someone who doesn’t want to listen or let everyone argue back and forth, we are not here for that. You had legit replies for the first few. Then it spiraled, so as a mod I won’t let us as well as yourself get into an argument over nonsense, that’s not why we’re here mate. I’ll unlock this in a few days and hopefully it’s all good by then. Good luck on your run.
  4. Hey man have some respect your new here and we do welcome all and give good advice and a lot of members are very knowledgeable and here to help. I’m not trying to disrespect you at all, I have you my two cents on the first reply I did, You just don’t want to hear it! Trolling lmao what are you talking about. Sucks to hear the truth eh champ? Ok let’s do a poll and we’ll see if someone can point me to the muscle you speak of. You look like the average guy I see at my work who eats chips and drinks a 12 pack of beer per week. Keep going tho. But anyways I’m out you do what you want to do and I’ll sit back and watch.
  5. Wtf seriously man, lol well your first pic(not trying to be a dick again) but I actually laughed at it, not in a bad way but the pose you’re doing?. What muscle is popping out? Do a proper pose and not a dating site pose and we’ll see if this muscle you speak of is “popping out” lol and I am serious. But I’ll give ya credit for taking a full pic tho. dude I have a lot of under 6’ buddies who lift naturally and actually look like they work out even two with probably the same amount of body fat as yourself so dont give me that nonsense. It’s like you’re trying too hard to impress or whatever you’re trying to accomplish, and no it doesn’t look like you have any muscle mass seriously! I’m trying to see the ones popping out but all I see is someone who’s trying to shortcut the system. You need some work man. No offence but don’t tell me otherwise. At 5’9 you shouldn’t be 200lbs with your definition.
  6. It’s not letting me merge it in the thread I created, something going on with the merge it deletes itself lol, but I created a review thread and pinned it for @MedicusResearch. Hey @NorthernLifters can you merge the reviews from @funlog and @GainTrain in the new thread for me ? Thanks
  7. @GainTrain moved for ya dude. Also created a review thread and pinned it for @MedicusResearch
  8. Don’t want to sound like a dick but it’s how I roll so too bad, but you should be dropping another 15-20lbs of fat first before you start. Your estimate for bf% is way off. You’re no where close to the 18% that you think you are. I’d say you’re closer to 30-35%. And doesn’t even look like you lift man. Why don’t you instead of cutting corners to possibly screw your hormones up get in a good diet and lift like a mother then see where you’re at in another 4-6 months then decide to hop on a cycle.? Also no need to front load for a 500 run, plus us At your 200lbs you could do away with 20lbs of fat and then I’d start. Sorry for sounding like a dick dude. But anyhow good luck on your run since you’re committed already but keep that AI ready cause with your Bf% you’re estro will be high in no time. In fact I’d drop that letro and get some asin.
  9. @funlog I get it from the states and my local natural foods store. If it’s cheap it’s fake. You can fond it on amazon as well but paying big $$
  10. Haha if you want to try something that works try Tongkat-Ali. I swear when I take 4 caps per day I start to get the itchy nip affect. Also get acne on it. I’ve actually took asin at 25mg once per week to battle these affects lol. Seriously! I feel like a million bucks when I run it for such a natural herb. It’s expensive tho..for the real stuff. Look it up numerous articles how it raises test big time.
  11. Yeah I’d say more than 30% as well. But you’re doing great tho. You started probably around 50%
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