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  1. Please see my post above for more info on what you seek
  2. Yes here is your password. Enter it on google and it will produce all info you seek. It’s 444LE888po.po. cheers don’t forget your coffee and doughnuts tonight
  3. As others have said, it’s always important you contact the rep first. If that fails and you’re not happy with the outcome. Then you can contact staff here and we’ll help ya. Glad you learned from this and you can move forward.
  4. I don’t agree with this. This is what they want you to believe. The polls are skewed. I just wish it was him leading the conservatives over Scheer.
  5. If it’s any indication the good ol’ farmers almanac says it’s going to be another cold and snowy winter. How’s this happen when the government says it’s warming up? Man it’s not hard to see through the warming scam. That guy you posted on YouTube is spot on. My dad was even saying the other day that yes they had tones of snow back in the day but last winter he said he hasn’t seen before. It’s only going to get colder. I too have noticed my natural gas bill go up the past few winters
  6. Keep er coming @sorbate. I’m with you on all this shit. Vote PPC. Bernier is the only politician with balls in Canada right now and it’s sad he’s getting censored big time. McKenna and T can F right off with this carbon tax BS
  7. Wow that’s a fucking beauty. Congrats on that man
  8. This happens once in a while, Knick a vein, more than likely it’s a bit of the blood clotting up under the skin. Keep an eye on it but I’m sure it’s nothing
  9. I agree with @Rosconow on this. Us mods take care of things behind the scenes. You vets can chew them up a bit first lol
  10. I definitely think it could happen, I’m actually sure it will. Maybe in our lifetime or our kids. But I think it’ll be over fast and it won’t be like wars in the past. I think we end up killing most the planet in the next one. Too many countries have nukes.
  11. Definitely keep your eye on it. It’s the “hot and red” that is worrisome. But like the others have said it already. Could be a number of things, but if it doesn’t go away I’m another day or so I’d be going in. Well at least if it gets worse anyways.
  12. I’ve also ordered from them and was great. No complaints here
  13. I recommend it also. Great show!
  14. This is pretty cool and may be of value to some members. https://steroidcalc.com/
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