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  1. So you sit there and preach your slow lane mentality bullshit on how to make bank, which by the way is your typical blue pill, system indoctrinated thinking, then you respond to historical charts saying LOL ok, man you really sold me on your method of mayhem. I guarantee you're one of those guys that preaches this and yet is in massive debt, works for the system and has no real retirement. I learnt a long time ago not to take financial advice from poor people. Here's a history lesson for you, buy btc in dec 2015 for cheap, sell in 2017 at peak, buy back again in dec 2018, see where I'm going with this? Probably not, but sure theres no fucking interest, just a fuck ton of profit, no big deal right. You seem like one of those buy one vial at a time type of guys, but to quote a genius "lol, okay"!
  2. Stick around, make friends, do lots of research and most of all ask alot of questions. Every lab I named earlier is good to go with the exception of almere (scamming stuff), and there are a few good ones I never mentioned because I have not personally tried them. You'll find what you are looking for eventually.
  3. This response shows me you have probably made a better decision going elsewhere, and you are a smart fellow.
  4. Not offended in the least, but I take these things seriously as there are a lot of sociopaths in the industry and it is easy to see who is who, not saying you or Deus are either, but he doesn't hold a stick to most labs, and his dishonest practice of trying to tell someone unknowing that his generics were blacks fucking pisses me off big time. Anyone that has used real blacks knows they blow any chinese or canadian generic out of the water. Anyhow I've made my point for now. Also, I do not make things up to benefit myself or hurt these labs. Everything I say on the boards is with facts that I can prove if ever called out. Health of you fuckers is very important to me.
  5. I know about the brewing because I know a mod from there quite well who discussed his application with me. We also both know Deus wasn't on the previous board. He doesn't use geometric dilution or an ungator for his orals. He definitely has not invested in a calibrated digital dispenser for filling, no autoclave, no flow hood, and uses cheap vials and stoppers. Fucking ouch!!!! ENJOY YOUR INFECTION He has the product listed as BlackTops, not generic black tops if you look at his list. He told my friend they were Back Tops from the provider and to research them on pro muscleforum. He did and also told me about them. First thing i said was ask for pictures, and batch number. Thats when buddy back tracked and said they were from dragon ordinance instead. Cmon man holy fuck, you want me to get my friend to post the fucking emails?!?! Lets address these members: Anabolicnorth - only posts in the deus section with 10 posts, his posts are hugely fabricated King of carbs - paid shill for many labs on that board Krydakai - very possible an honest review but goes off feels Dreckis - very possible an honest review but again no bloods Everyone else - 1-3 posts all in the deus thread, which is 70% of the posts Bloodwork: Cuurli 6x multiplier - will give props this is honest bloodwork SWcurry - bullshit bloodwork, he was banned from genetec because he tried to get credit for using the same blood work, so which lab did he use their test and how much was he really using, guy has 3 posts all i deus, ya right lmfao!!! Pertaining to your comment about multiple accounts, go make a few there and nothing happens. You do it here, cb or cjm and your ass gets called out by the admins
  6. It may be easy for you and me to see who's making BS reviews, but for new guys that is not always the case.
  7. I will also add, all the reviews of this lab are from guys with one post on that piece of shit forum. Anyone can join and make multiple accounts. I'd say maybe one or two reviews are actually legit and the rest are fake ass bullshit. If a lab is doing that, sell fake black tops and using sub par brewing conditions, what do you think is more important, money or end user? As for Vets recommending labs, I have used Zentec, Medistar, Orion, Almere, Prgressive, Mission, Boss, Nordic Fusion, Newport, Pareto, Genetec, and Innovagen to name a few. I don't tout one lab and guys that do are blatantly obvious. What I am known for is calling out labs like this one that are bullshit, because I'm a long time member of a few forums that actually cares about the guys in these communities. I'm not paid by any lab or board, and not here to make money either. Again to OP and anyone that reads about this bullshit lab, there are many, many other WAY BETTER options than Deus. Do you really want to deal with a liar, when there are a fair amount of honest labs out there?
  8. So lying about having authentic products as well lower grade brewing practices are ok? This shit is not made up by the way. Again, lots of great labs to pick from that sell legitimate top grade stuff that WON'T yield a fucking infection, or give you sub par qualities, why the fuck would anyone go with a lab using lower grade equipment and brew practices??? Get to know people here and you'll find there are good quality labs that you can get access to and not take these type of risks. I guarantee this Deus character wouldn't last on other boards including this one with the top grade labs around here. I actually give two fucks about other peoples health and not my wallet so...... I agree you need to be your own judge, but listen to vets who can tell you that how a product is made is as important as every other aspect of the business. Just ask my best friend who had a fucking chunk of muscle extracted because of infection from one of these two bit fucking cheap ass labs.
  9. Here's the truth on this lab. Anyone can sign up and make multiple accounts on that joke of a forum, so he has numerous multiple accounts with one post pumping his budget lab. Believe it or not its a paid board and that lab has been there since the end of October with one bloodwork posted and yet they are a verified lab now ya right lol. They use shit packaging and toppers, and I know for fact their brewing practices are sub par, they don't even use a flow hood! They also tried to scam my buddy selling him fake black tops until my buddy called them out. They don't even give tracking out ffs. If you want a good lab go with one of the reputable labs around, fuck these clowns!
  10. Afflicted

    Justin Trudeau

    If anything Asians in places like Vancouver are a saviour to our country and our economy but fuck boy Eddie there has no clue about how economics work. These are not people coming to our country and milking the system, no these are educated and wealthy people. He’s got an issue with them because he’s illiterate and poor and can’t afford a house and doesn’t have the brain cells to ever learn how to make substantial money. No he shoots off his mouth with nonsensical bullshit. The Chinese culture is also a prime example of how a govt and it’s people don’t tolerate multi culturalism either. You either get with their customs or get the fuck out. Those people are not letting muslims and lgbtq take over their country. But eddies lack of brain cells can’t fathom concepts as such.
  11. Afflicted

    Justin Trudeau

    Couldn’t give a fuck about your boy Trudeau and I’m fully awake m8. You have an issue with me calling out some puke being racist on this board?
  12. Hey Eddie can you knock it off with the racism against asians in two different threads now it would be greatly appreciated thank you. I’ve had about enough of your spewing of verbal diarrhea. You ever considered some people on here may not be a white illiterate fool like yourself?
  13. You're 8% bf and you want to shred? Post some pics bro, sounds like you're already shredded at that body fat. Weight and height? What I see so far, eq at that dose for that long wont do fuck all in my opinion. Up it to at least 600 and run it for 16 weeks. Even at that I find its weak, I like 1200, you'll get something out of it at that in my opinion. Also I don't understand running mast e with Tren ace (different esters) and for only 4 weeks.? I don't follow Seths videos. Can you elaborate why he recommends those doses for that short of time with different esters? Finally its great that you started this thread, but to help you more, pics and stats in a log would be great so we can help you out.
  14. I love what Nate Diaz said about this fight. Being an mma guy in a past life, I fucking hate wrestlers. Whats exciting about takedowns and lay and pray, its GSPs fucking legacy for christ sake. Khabib could have still won this fight standing in my opinion. Why not give the fans a money fight. The fight was good, but a slug fest would have been more fun to watch. I want a rubber match with Nate and Conor next. We will see.
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