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For me there’s a few different reasons for different types on protein bars.   There are a few good ones out there like Quest Nutrition (if you can get over the science project in a bag ingredients and sugar alcohols).  

for a cleaner, low carb on the go holy crap I’m hungry but have no food with me, I prefer Quest Bars.  

for the I need carbs and protein fast after workout bar, especially during a bulk I like the good ol MetRX big cookie crunch bars. 

now there’s all kinds of bars and cookies and snacks this day and age.  I seriously found an oatmeal cream pie protein cookie with the brand name “Fina Plex”. I took a pic and sent to by buddy and said “look walmart has tren cookies!”

let’s face it, 99% of them are crap and over priced.   I used to make protein muffins with almond flour, whey and a few other things that measured out to be around 20g protein and 250ish clean cals per muffin.  Throw in a baggie and they were quite filling and kept you feeling a little less hungry for longer due to the almond flour.  

now days I make my own jerky with elk or grass fed black angus from my aunts farm.  Easy grab and go protein.

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I know this in a old thread, but I love the brand “Daryl’s Bars”. They have to be kept refrigerated but value for quality is really good. Bunch of flavours something for everybody, a little bland obviously but better than the guilt of a protein-laced candy bar lol.



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