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Pip injection pain

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Ventrogluteal if your using the 1.5inch or delt if you want to grab some 1inch darts. 

If this is your first time injecting your quads it might be a rough couple of days for you man, even at just 1cc total volume. (at least from past experience) 

To answer your question directly, my first time hitting quads it was almost a full week of limping around, and that was a clean shot. 

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Quads can be a bad one for some and pain. First few times can leave you stiff and sore after.

Make sure you aren't using the same tip to inject and draw. The rubber stopper may be soft and easy but it dulls the tip. 

Let the area dry after you swab it.

Double check your technique and/or angle. 

Don't push the plunger too quickly, it needs time to disperse. 

A few anecdotal tips that may help.

-massage the area post injection 

-Stretch the area before and after

-Warm shower before your shot 

-warm up your vial (hold it in your fist for a few minutes before).


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Place your hand down on the side of your quad palm width away from your knee cap ring finger pointing down , next other side of your quad from your hip point your ring finger down your leg now between the tip of that ring finger and your other hand the square that’s left in the middle is your sweet spot pin the outer upper sweep directly into the muscle one in pin will do you fine for this shot , please use all skin sterilize protocol for the injection.

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PIP from bad technique should not last more than a day or two.

IMO PIP that lasts more than a couple of days will most likely be due to the AAS crystals falling out of suspension as the body absorbs the oil and solvents. What is left is crystals embedded in muscle fiber that can take a week for the body to break down. It causes pain, particularly with movement and in locations with higher nerve density, because crystals are hard and somewhat sharp. Switching to a lower sensitivity site and/or diluting the gear with sterile oil (25-50%) will help.

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