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  1. I've done something similar to this. Or pounded back sugar free jello
  2. Bicep shot. Not my favorite idea, but it would roughly handle the 1ml without risking large bruising. Should feel interesting tomorrow
  3. I've read some various experiences about this; myself I've only done this with trenbolone. Similar concept, side effects were almost non existent, but I felt lethargic and I noticed(pre existing) sleep issues were more prominent. From the anecdotal evidence and accounts I read it seemed like a mixed review. Primarily decent results but with 50/50 for libido issues. However the doses were different and test was lower than what you're planning. So I am interested to know your experience.
  4. PEDs are the finishing compliment to a hard/intense training regime and proper nutrition.
  5. @CapeBretonDadBod thank you. Benefits of this type of carrier oil, its smooth, thin, and very very low chance of site irritation. Disperses well and a lower probability of bruising (provided the injection is not rushed, haha).
  6. I would have to agree with @Corey5150.Corey5150 approach. Power and volume are both needed, and it varies in body parts. You'll never get the full developed look without using both. As you learn your body more and more you will be able to better identify smaller tweaks you can implement for yourself as well.
  7. Of course. It can be a blast, haha
  8. Our laws are very backwards here in regards to gear. Honestly though, the government wouldn't make near as much money on steroids as it does on alchohol, tobacco, or gambling.
  9. No, you wouldn't lose the muscle gained provided you keep up adequate nutrition, and maintain workouts. There are some factors to consider, ie. hematocrit levels, motivation, water retention, estrogen, etc etc etc. Generally speaking though, you wont lose.muscle you've gained.
  10. I've done both, the sub-q has its benefits, but it can burn like hell and you need to disperse into a broader area. You get used to the feeling of under skin fire and it fades after a while. Why I started using this method was due to using a fast ester cycle and the frequent injections were easier to do this way. I also had read a few horror stories about IM infections and needed a break.
  11. @Corey5150 well put! Great share, brother. Often people will also donate blood to reduce hematocrit levels, just be aware that it can leave you fatigued after. Another method of potential reduction (mostly for TRT doses) is to practice more frequent/smaller injections.
  12. well we belong to preworkout-aholics anonymous. We meet every Wednesday and Saturday at the squat rack.
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