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  1. I would say take some time and read the threads on DNP and how/why it works. There is so much anecdotal evidence and you have to ignore that and look into what it truly does. It can be very potent, very effective and potentially very deadly. Based on your statement on being impulsive and your habit of jumping the gun a bit or impulsively altering your dosages, I would avoid DNP. Your health is more important than dropping weight in that way, buddy. We want to see you succeed and survive! Trust me, people can easily go too deep into DNP and over do it. Just keep at it, patience can be a challenge but just focus on what you want and remember that results are not immediate.
  2. I have to agree with @BodyTechPharma That short half-life is a benefit for women on cycle, it is much easier to stop on the short half life and have the sides fade or stop than waiting for a longer life to run its course.
  3. The big ones may be as late as September opening. Or so some of the people I know who supply and sell equipment to them say. I sure hope not. I know my friends who own PT gyms will be opening soon since they operate underthe 10 person limits, but ones like goodlife, la fitness, world gym and movati will have to wait for the next phase.
  4. I have to agree with @BodyTechPharma his overall synopses and his recommendations to talk to the vets is spot on. As well as @Ryujiin we do all cheer for you to succeed. The back and forth can be humorous and over the top popcorn worthy, but at the end of the day this is a brotherhood of meat heads trying to be bigger, stronger, look good naked and stay healthy as we do so.
  5. I agree with @Carbone From the information available (non biased) I believe he is on the mark with what he said.
  6. Its going to be a gongshow when it opens back up.
  7. Quads can be a bad one for some and pain. First few times can leave you stiff and sore after. Make sure you aren't using the same tip to inject and draw. The rubber stopper may be soft and easy but it dulls the tip. Let the area dry after you swab it. Double check your technique and/or angle. Don't push the plunger too quickly, it needs time to disperse. A few anecdotal tips that may help. -massage the area post injection -Stretch the area before and after -Warm shower before your shot -warm up your vial (hold it in your fist for a few minutes before).
  8. I'm going to agree with @CapeBretonDadBod The effects are not ideal and CBD and other methods MAY help. Its best to have an open minded Doctor to talk with. After taking a moment and looking at some studies done in regards to your particular opiate; there is some mid ground between it's liver interaction and health concerns. Methadone is not heptoxic on its own but it is metabolized via the liver and can remain in some persistence for up to 6 weeks (dosage varies). So while taking certain oral compounds you would have to be aware of this as in patients with levels of liver damage or cirrhosis had a negative effect from methadone. Essentially if there is existing damage or if you're already over loading it methadone makes it worse. Now for the most part there are some LIMITED studies with a few of the commonly prescribed steroids and methadone; there seems to be no interactions between the compounds used. These are US studies and only use very common low dosed steroids though, so very limited. There is anecdotal evidence out there, but anecdotal evidence means nothing without the evidence to prove its more than opinion. Regardless stay healthy
  9. the letro can definitely have a negative impact on your libido. I am interested to see your results over a few weeks.
  10. I don't see it being a year, but July or August would not surprise me. A few won't open up at all, so make sure you check the local gyms for cheap equipment if they are closing for good.
  11. its hard to say, and it sounds like the larger chains may even postpone it longer, or so it would seem by the statements put out by goodlife and others. Even when they open it may be a nightmare, limited occupancy, having to book appointment times to workout, etc.. if we are lucky the average sheep and the usual space wasters that hang out in the gym will be too scared to come and those of us that actually workout and train hard will not suffer.
  12. So many things are out of stock or way overpriced now. I hope soon we can get things back on track.
  13. @noobiegainz hcg dosage is 500iu ED, 1000 EOD, 1500 E3D - for basic use. Higher dosages would be for larger cycles or people who have an extensive background in using it and how it works in their body. For your first 2 weeks post cycle you will need to run hcg, (a 3rd may be needed, but usually 2 is enough when you add in your AI and SERM.) Yes, HCG has estrogenic side effects, and suppresses your natural leutinizing hormone production. Usually best paired with Nolva for your SERM, as it helps block some of the side effects and increase test production, but make sure you use Aromasin as the AI, as Nolvadex can reduce the effectiveness of arimidex or letrozole. Sorry for not including more info, running in between appointments today.
  14. Well definitely pick one or the other, Clomid and Nolva are SERMS, and there is little benefit to using both at once and will likely increase the risk of side-effects. Clomid is the stronger of the 2, but Nolva tends to be a go to for the lesser sides. Now that being said; a rule of thumb Clomid - heavier/longer cycles or stacked/multi compound cycles Nolva - moderate to small or short cycles. Clomid is usually started 2 weesk after your last shot (long ester) or as soon as 5 days for short cycle at dosages of 50-100mg a day for the first 3-4 weeks (although mote advanced cycles may look like week 1 150mg, week 2-4 100mg, and an optional 50-100mg for week 5 and 6) Nolvadex is recommended for 4-6 week pct - at daily dosage 40mg for the first half of the cycle and 20mg for the last half. Either SERM should be paired with an AI and HCG
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