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  1. Good evening folks of NL. I will be announcing a very exciting limited time promotional item, along with special pricing on April 20th. Have to let the suspense build for a few days . This promo will only be available to our very own NL community members. Hint: Pharma Stay tuned as you do not want to miss out on this promotional special for your summer needs! **New contact email: [email protected]
  2. I had the same issue a few years back and had to switch. Became unbearable, almost looms like I had imaginary lat syndrome because I couldn't put my arms down.
  3. I've always kept it simple with converse, although I did try some ryderwear and I liked them. Most of my lifts I tend to go barefoot as I feel far more stable that way, but that's just me.
  4. @Littlefry is on the right track. Generally speaking insulin mimetic products found over the counter are mostly useless. The only products that have any effect are berberine, r-alpha lipolic acid, chromiun, and banaba leaf. The first 2 having the best effect overall. Most mimetic products (especially in Canada) are over priced and have very small amounts of some of the above with a bunch of fillers. Cost wise it would almost be cheaper to actually run the real deal, but ensure before doing that you research and educate yourself on the risk/reward and how to steps. I wo
  5. I agree with @BodyTechPharma Hairloss although exacerbated by some factors and compound conversions is genetic. If you're prone to hairloss it may speed it along, if not then you probably won't notice any loss.
  6. I agree with @CapeBretonDadBodand make sure you are cautious in your approach. Do not jump onto t3 to make things move faster as you will end up delaying the recovery. The thyroid will produce on its own and normally within a short time. It's the endocrine system that has the least effect when shut down or altered. It rebounds the fastest with least negative effect (for most).
  7. Thank you both, the aim is always to deliver top quality and service.
  8. Vortex

    My girl

    That is a beautiful girl.
  9. I agree with @BodyTechPharma on that. Solid stacking.
  10. You can also substitute whey for one of the animal blended proteins, or good old egg whites.
  11. some areas have the greenlight with restrictions now. 50 person max
  12. I would have to agree with @Corey5150 , the lower dosage and longer run time for most people seem to yield best results with lowest side effects, higher dosages can drastically effect how you feel (as you seen). Everyone has different susceptibility to the side effects, but at higher dosages its a much higher chance. Even at the lower dosages the results can be quite elevated; depending on the calorie deficit. As well as you don't diminish your training capacity as much if at all. (Although you should always be aware during training)
  13. I agree with @BodyTechPharma, we want to see you stick around.
  14. A few people I know who work at the clubs (Ontario) say Goodlife - training staff for whenever they get the greenlight Crunch - no idea, most are in the dark Movati - Preparing to open when approved but unsure if they will be able to open as they have been told gathering may still be limited to under 50 people and will remain closed in that case. Everyone else I know from various clubs are just waiting on the provincial green light.
  15. I also agree with @MedicusResearchand @BodyTechPharma
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