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  1. Bands are versatile, inexpensive and can be used to add or decrease resistance. Wonderful tool to use when you cant get weights or enough weights. As well as you can utilize household things. Like folding chairs, rods, stairs, clothes and wood floor, door frames etc (dips, tricep dips, inverted row, incline or decline pushups, pull ups, sliding push ups, inverted bicep curls, slider lunge. Etc etc.
  2. Definitely a good time to tackle those lagging parts, rehab those in need, and improving mobility. We can also focus on time under tension via alternative tempo and challenging ourselves with varying bodyweight and creative exercises. Right now IG is full of people capitalizing on this and posting them. AthleanX had a create short video on it
  3. Agreed on the shower as well as the needle check
  4. Simple.1/4 cup oatmeal 1.5 scoops whey and some fiber. When I get more elaborate it can also have eggwhites, sugar free pudding, and sometimes halo top
  5. I second the question. What was he looking for?
  6. Vortex

    Meat prices

    Sad state we are in, which drives people across the border to bring back meat.
  7. I agree with @CapeBretonDadBod and his input. Always make sure you do your homework and understand the risk/reward as well as make sure you check what pathways things take. In the beginner cycle cases you're fine, but be aware that some things work wonderful together, some not so much. Proviron is a gem. It really brings out the best in your cycle. As for HCG I'll give the same PCT advice I've given others The first two weeks: HCG – 1000iu/E2D, Aromasin – 25mg daily, Nolvadex – 40mg daily Starting at week 3 and continuation for between 2 and 4 weeks: Nolvadex – 20mg daily
  8. Doesn't give us much to work with. Age, height, weight, bf%, training experience, etc. More detail the better, mate.
  9. @Sorbate I'm going out on a limb here to say leg, but with the lack of other defining features, I can legxactly confirm or deny. I would Kneed more date, otherwise I'm stumped here.
  10. Nolvadex and carb timing both seem to work. Time carbs for your workout and even halfing nolva can potentially reduce water weight. Watch over salting your food, dreaded evil BP.
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