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Could be a lot of things.  Is your body composition still changing? (scale might not reflect this).  Are you still eating 100% on plan, or is there a bunch of unaccounted calories.  Why did you increase the cardio? Did you increase it after the scale stalled or just randomly because you wanted faster results? 

The body will always adjust for it's survival, so there comes a time where you have to adjust calories (down) or increase activity.  But from coaching people, most people are not honest with themselves (especially women) and start to cheat on their diet.  My own wife lost 70lbs in about 8 months, with zero cardio, no working out, and I never changed her calories once.  She was super strict and ate 1400 to 1500 calories per day (whether she was hungry or not).  Steadily lost 2+ lbs per week.  Then I have people that stall after two weeks, I bring calories down even lower and they are still stalled even with increased cardio.   Then I find out that they eat a 'handful' of chips from their kids lunch, sneak some nuts here or there, maybe have a single cookie at work when offered.  They think it's no big deal, and honestly think they are not cheating, but all of the sudden they are eating 500 calories over their daily diet. 

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