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  1. Well... people said that about dbol and anadrol too... M1T is actually right at the top of my things to try list, always has been. But before when i had the time, i couldn't source quality stuff (no point in experimenting if the gear's not 100%), and now that i can get quality stuff, i have no time. I have at least 4 months of wholly new programming to do this winter/spring, in my 'other' sport, so that is not the time to be experimenting. I like to change just one thing at a time, lets me know for sure whats doing (or not doing) what. Before i try M1T though, i want to give halo a solid experiment. I've tried it before, twice, with underwhelming results, but both times the experiment was compromised. Call it my... need to know... Maybe come spring i'll have time.
  2. Why not get them the real thing? If they are old enough to stand, they are old enough to strength train on real equipment. I am 100% serious here.
  3. Okay, here... i have to disagree with you. Texting and driving is fucking stupid. I'm a libertarian, 100% for free will and personal responsibility, and think we need less laws, not more, but man i'm really on the fence about this one... because it IS that fucking stupid. I'm pretty fucking quick, actually a legit pro driver (as in, racing, not a delivery truck driver...), and i can read faster than most, and text as well as anyone... and i cant fucking do it safely. All my friends that insist they can, cant. There is sooooo much science behind this one it doesn't even bear debate... right up there with driving while 10X over the legal limit (which no one would dare debate). Just dont do it.
  4. Funny story... I was hanging around Hastings and Main a few months ago... zombie apocalypse ground fucking zero. The Rickshaw theater right around there is THE place for metal shows, so anytime i go down for a show i find myself wandering around the walking dead. Beats standing in line. Anyways, i'm strolling back up towards the club, and some guy on a bike with two baskets and a trailer comes up to me from behind, says hello, and passes me. I catch up to him on the corner... seeing that he has 'Needle Exchange' signs all over his bike and on his fluorescent vest. So i ask the guy what kind of needles he has. He very quickly, earnestly, turns and says 'Why, do you need any?' I laughed, said 'Do i look like i need a fucki-... er... wait, yeah, dont answer that.' So i strike up a convo with this guy, and ask him if he'd give me free needles if i asked, he asked how many i'd need. I laughed again, i said, how about a hundred? He replied, well, if you need a hundred, i'll give 'em to ya! What the hell? Why the fuck am i paying for spikes? I told him i'm good for now and wished him luck. Damn... i should have got his number though...
  5. If these twits give you a hard time about buying PERFECTLY LEGAL needles, just tell 'em you're going to inject meth. Thats 100% socially acceptable these days in Canada. Hell, they might buy you dinner and pay your rent...
  6. I must be the only person who trains that just cant watch this shit. People are linking me this stuff all the time. I just dont want to be reminded of the idiocy that surrounds me. I get enough of this bullshit at the rec center i train at...
  7. Fuck this faggot country. I hate it. This cunt in charge goes too far. The fact that people are even debating this proves the hopelessness of our education system. Police state. Oh, and fuck the poor. Fuck them until they die.
  8. I still haven't tried M1T, Superdrol or T-bol, but of the rest, anavar is still far my favorite. It just does everything i need, perfectly. And its more than strong enough. I've not yet done a proper halo experiment, but i've dabbled with it and the results were underwhelming. I really wanted that one to work, as it sounds perfect on paper. They all have different strengths. For instance, when i need shit to happen NOW... i'll blast some anadrol. 3 days in and i know something's going on. I dont always need that, but it happens. Once i got some bad gear right before a competition and my orals ran out. Threw in a week of anadrol and between the two (coming off the var and coming on the drol) i more than had my needs covered. M1T sounds interesting, but i'm not a fan of short blasts (i like 8 weeks or more). Still...might try it if i can find some good stuff. Last source i had for M1T was sketchy, so i didn't bother.
  9. The above is true, but you can also train yourself to own those motherfuckers. When i was still competing regularly in powerlifting, i was doing heavy deads every second day. To maxes, and hitting PR's of some sort almost every single time. I could do this for months. One day comp deads, 2 days later, Romanians, 2 days later, lighter rack pulls, two days later, snatch deads, two days later, Romanians again. If my back felt really beat up one day, i'd do lighter good mornings (Olympic style). On decent days, 5 or 6 reps. On good days, 2 or 3 reps. On shit days, 8, 10, or even 12 reps, or easier variants. On awesome days? New 1RM PR. Keep in mind we squat heavy on the same day... before or after. I've had all my serious clients do this too, all but me drug-free. No one died. Gains were incredible. Now... there is a way to do this... and you have to understand why and how, but its possible. I learned this (sort of) from a World Champion IPF lifter with many deadlift world records. It is incredible what the human body can withstand. So many people dont even come within the last 25% of what they are capable of.
  10. I have (well, had) a fully-stocked gym in my studio with literally everything i need. I never used it. I am the opposite of it would seem EVERY other person in the gyms out there... I have gone from being a misanthrope in my youth to actually liking people. I like the social aspect. I can train harder than anyone you know if i need to, and yet, i can make friends, or talk in between sets. I can help others, coach, i do it all. I can watch all that lovely eye-candy, hell, even chat it up if she's into that. Sue me... i'm single. Now, i have a commercial quality bench press and an absolute monster squat rack, a homemade Olympic platform, a really nice inclining bench, boxes, and all kinds of other shit, just sitting there collecting dust. Two barbells, my Eleiko and a nice Ivanko OBX20, 400lbs of bumper plates and change, and another 265 in iron plate if i need it. Thats enough for all but my biggest pulls, and lets be honest, if i'm gonna max out a deadlift, i'll go to the gym and bloody show off. Mirrors, 400watt thumper stereo, a big 27" monitor and YouTube if i want to lift in company of the greats, there's food right there for the middle of those 4hr workouts, and its inside my house where the equipment is never cold. I can play the music as loud as i want, train as late as i want. And yet... i still go to the circus to lift. I ended up taking all my good bumpers to the commercial gym and storing them there, along with a few other things. Keep in mind i also coach in two very niche strength sports, and we can use all the exposure we can get, so hiding out in my basement to lift isn't helping anybody.
  11. Holy fuck that Hillary one wins the holidays. Everyone else can just go home.
  12. I've done two full blasts at 2000mg. I dont respond to test, and get absolutely nothing out of anything less than 800. It was only when i tried 1000 that i 'felt' test like you guys do. Its not fair. But... to be fair, i dont get 1000mg worth of sides either. Then i tried 1500, and wow. I could definitely feel it. Then i tried 2000 next blast, and it was a bit better, but still underwhelming (read: nothing 70mg of anavar cant do). First blast i made that 2K up with t400. I've never been a fan of blends, and i dont trust 'concentrated' tests, but it saved pinning... and i loathe pinning. Next blast i went 2000mg with cypionate, and that was way better (same brand). What i dont like about high test, was that anything over 1000 killed my libido. It did it some serious damage that took time to come back from like nothing else had. I'll never do that again. Orals dont scare me, so it'll be 1000mg test max, in either enanthate or cyp, and then whatever on top. I'll likely never run more than a grand again, and never blends again.
  13. Jesus F. Christ... i laughed out fucking loud at that one. The expressions nail it.
  14. Bigot!!! You forgot the numbers, one heiroglyph and three emojis... This hate speech would not fly on facebook!!!!
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