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  1. Sweatshirts have already been ordered, I just have to add some code so that people can pick sizes ETC. We will be shipping internationally as soon as I work out shipping costs, PM me if you'd like and I can add shipping to wherever you are!
  2. If I even threatened to strike with my clients (if I could) I would back in within days, because shit would be on fire. Just accepted and printed your label, should be on the way soon ?
  3. Yep, it's a crown corp, it's about time they did.
  4. Hope the strike is done before all the product gets here and I have to send it out.
  5. Don't be silly, I probably won't be shipping Canada Post, depending on when the big order comes in and the strike is over or not. I left a personal note with your order, for being our first customer. ? If anyone else is interested, our merch is available here: https://northernlifters.com/store/ I'll be adding more merch soon of course!
  6. Jake

    Talon's Corner

    This is great, we need a forum just for storytime with Talon ?
  7. I'm a big man myself so I'm making sure our suppliers will have plenty of the larger sizes, as well as all the main sizes. I'll make sure the hoodies are zip up if we have our designs on the back.
  8. I'm in the process of getting some stuff created, and I'll pin this topic for now so people can keep track of our progress. I got a few ideas out to an artist and got a few previews of what stuff COULD look like. If you have ANY other ideas for what could be made, let me know and I can get a preview made for it. The white logo might need a little bit of a touch up, and we may add the URL to the logo in the final version, but we aren't sure just yet. How does everyone feel about these, so far?
  9. Alright, I'll see if I can get it done.
  10. If you see anything like this on any member on this forum, please report it to me, I take much pleasure in banning pieces of crap like this.
  11. Jake


    FMA is my shit, but I don't follow much else. Too many good shows to watch as it is. And catching my girl up with movie she had never seen before that she just had to watch, I have to watch those with her!
  12. Oh this is totally possible. I was planning on implementing a "points" system to the board at some point, so when people are active, post, or do any number of actions, they earn points. This system will allow for raffles etc. The more people are active, the more they can spend on "tickets" and can be picked for these raffles etc. We can also do a dry run without the points system, just for Christmas, and I can make it so everyone can enter once via a system I can create, not sure how I want to do it yet, but I want to do it for sure. We'd have to talk more about it and see what we could d
  13. Looks like we are doing it, just getting some HQ logos and then I'm gonna speak with some people on getting it done. Even do some giveaways!
  14. I do a lot of bands merch so I can get premium stuff made cheap, let me know.
  15. Hey ladies and gents, I thought I would make a quick announcement to highlight a huge new feature, a new referral program, as well as some smaller updates at the end of this thread. First of all, the referral program! I've seen a lot of passionate NL members referring members from old boards as well as personal friends and family, and I thought it was about time we rewarded the folks who are helping our amazing community grow, so that's what I introduced the referral program. Now there's 2 ways to use the new program, first, all you have to do is tell someone to sign up, nothin
  16. Brooklyn Nine Nine, Ozark, House MD, The Office (RIP), and The Haunting Of Hill House at the moment, that's for sure!
  17. Jake


    Just got a new mattress, so I've been getting 8-10 a night to celebrate ?
  18. Jake


    If I'm honest, I'd say both. Start with hill, since Halloween is coming up ? Season 3 began shooting not too long ago, it was confirmed by the main character (can't think of his name off hand) on Twitter that it was on it's way. I'm so stoked
  19. Jake


    Yeah I just finished them both after binging them for a few days. Really, really awesome series so far. I was really happy that the first to second season cliffhanger didn't happen, I hate it when shows do that, but then they left a cliffhanger on the second season, and theres NO SEASON 3 YET. That's driving me a little crazy, I need to know what happens.
  20. Feeling pretty bad with all these awesome stories, and I'm over here with my nickname as my handle.
  21. Happy belated Turkey day ladies and gents.
  22. Jake


    I immediately thought of Breaking Bad when I read the Netflix description. I'll have to check it out, thanks gents
  23. Jake


    It's on Netflix and it's been great so far. Has anyone else seen or watched a bit of it? What did you think? No spoilers though, I'm not super far in. ?
  24. Jake


    Tapatalk for sure has it's pros and cons, I'm impartial as I've enabled it on many communities of mine in the past, and it doesn't always end well as the community scales, you have to jump through a lot of hoops, but I don't see why we couldn't have it for now?
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