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  1. first off, no one gives a shit if you been around for 20+ years you clown. If you had been around for that long then you wouldn't of been caught trying to slander a lab(deus pharma) while simultaneously boasting up your lab that you rep for(genetec) . You recollect that you asshat? If you been in the game long enough which it doesn't seem like it,then you are well aware that a vial of test barely costs $3 . You are probably upset because being a 3rd tier rep,you will not be making a dime anymore selling your $50 vial of test. Forget being in the game for 20 years,it doesn't seem like you can read, you see his thread?it said a sale,introduction price. People do sales all day. So maybe you ought to shut the fuck up and learn to read prior to second Mr. I been here 20+ years . You been gone for quite some time but come back just to vent about how upset you are about a labs pricing? this board runs without your opinion . A lab is free to do what they want,its their product and they are free to conduct business the way they want to. They paid a fee to advertise and that is exactly what Medicus will do. You are nothing but a man child,coming here to throw a temper tantrum. We let your stupid ass step down with dignity rather than telling everyone publicly that you got caught with your pants down slandering a lab while promoting genetec. No one will delete your post,matter in fact, i want it to stay here so everyone can see how you are not just plain stupid but also illiterate . I also would prefer everyone to now know that you got caught red handed but the admins didn't make a scene about it but I personally do not give a shit about you because people like you are useless to the scene. Does Taureau know that before you were a mod there that you use to call him a scammer? Funny, you think your word should mean something?
  2. BodyTech Test C was pain free in quads , delts and glutes . All I have used lately . DWBO
  3. It’s not fair as all those discussed would get a equal opportunity to defend themselves or is fair to sponsors paying to advertise here . Respect is something earned and not given in society. I think acting respectful is the first step and those who don’t want to be respectful would undermine the principles in which look to achieve . Others can voice there opinions but the boards you speak of don’t share the same values as I strive to achieve here . Regards DWBO
  4. UFC used to be the best MMA around . I believe when they went to uniforms is when it went to shit . Seriously Dana White is such a greedy bastard fighters can't make money by advertising on there walk out shorts or shirts ? Boxing and any other blood sport supported the idea of accepting sponsorships to pay for there camps . UFC recycles the same dam fighters to were I can barely tell old UFCs form new UFCs Bellator has new faces and gives hope to aspiring young men around the world . Michael "Venom" Page is character that I'm curious to see every time he fights .
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