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  1. I have been told that the show is interactive and you can choose how the show will continue. I watched it but i didnt asked me anything to answer. Is what I have been told true?
  2. What do you think about the ne fb crypto called lybra??
  3. This is only nice design, nothing more. Look at nissan GTR. Thats a real car...
  4. The americans only put a lot of hp in the cars and they are still not agile as european to be honest...
  5. Well ppl, tesla is a milkfloat... Im talking about cars... and american cara are not even close to german. I waa more like comparing european cars... italian vs. German etc. And camaro, mustang and any other americano is not even a close match to any ferrari, porsche or R8... Even japs have cooler cars than the americans. The nissan GTR is somethin beyond emagining...
  6. Its a biceps workout too so you can do it in a biceos day. But most of ppl combine biceps with back group mussle exercices and triceps with sternal mussels. Soo.. do a double mussle group days.
  7. Nice suggestion, but I dont want to gain mussle but just to get back to my lean shape. And about the joints point, I have a place i my city with a grass running place so it is pretty soft. The other points that you wrote are great. Tha k you vey much for the suggestions.
  8. There is a lot to say in this topic, but dont worry, there is no university in the world that will teach such things. A profesor might do it on his own risk, but it can not be educational policy. The universities have a lot more meaning than teaching things like that.
  9. Well, disc issues are serious in question of pain. But if u dont want to feel a lot of pain just sit on your knees and strach on your stomach (forwards). Its very very temporary solution. This help becaise theres a nerv between 2 of your disks and its pinched from them. This is where the pain come from. When you strach forward actually you are streching your disks and the nerv is getting more relaxed. Whatever I say here. The only REAL cure is operation.
  10. Thanks for the recomendations. Ive heard that the 4th season is vey good.
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    Should I watch it??
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