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  1. @Sorbate cant talk with you about science anymore. I can see that you havent got a clue what are we talking about and you have never read even one book on the subject. So... when you start reading than start commenting. Thank you..
  2. Idk about the best beer. I've tried a lot of good lagers in germany. But belgium chocolate is deffenitly the best!!!
  3. Well every country in europe claims to be the country of beer, chocolate and waffles
  4. Wow, you are so ignorant to science. Well global warming is making it cooler for a moment, but as I said the summers are longer. And in the US temperatures realy got higher. This video does not prove your point. And btw scientists are thinkin about downgrading the number of seasons from 4 to only 2. Long summer and short winter. And this is a serious talk.
  5. Batman*** it was a mistake...
  6. House of cards is a great TV show. Its a great shame what happened to it.
  7. The global warming does not only mean that is going to be warmer, but that we are going to have longer summers. But every country is affected in a different way cause of its geographic position. Europe is the most affected. It was warm in central and south europe till last week. First rain wa this weak and its nearly december. And read more about what snow is, where does it come from and how is it affected by the global warming. After that u can disscus on this topic.
  8. Can someone tell something easy to cook? I'm having a romantic diner with my GF, and I need something fast and tasty.
  9. Where I live (in europe), we are breaking records every summer. Compare that.
  10. Read more scientific books weitten by real professors. This is my advice.
  11. Ooohhh you want a wolf in a sheep clothing... thats cool.. hahahahaha
  12. Ooohhh you want a wolf in a sheep clothing... thats cool.. hahahahaha
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