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  1. Where I live (in europe), we are breaking records every summer. Compare that.
  2. Read more scientific books weitten by real professors. This is my advice.
  3. Ooohhh you want a wolf in a sheep clothing... thats cool.. hahahahaha
  4. Ooohhh you want a wolf in a sheep clothing... thats cool.. hahahahaha
  5. Hahahahaha!!! And why do you need 700hp on an SUV man??? Hahahahaha
  6. Its not useless mate. It is a good propaganda. We must be more gentle with our nature. Climate changes and we all feel it. Global warming is a scientific fact nowadays...
  7. I do regular cardio and i make fasted cardio in part of my regular. Is that ok? My point is not to burn fat, I do it just for sport and health.
  8. And add to all of that some meat after workout. Mostly protein rich meat like chiken.
  9. Yeah I think that space must be ending somewhere.
  10. Iet's new DC TV show. Its a pretty good prequel of bathman. The main character is Alfred (the butller).
  11. Inflation? Where do you live? And about taxes you are very very VEEERY right... they are high in any country in the world. Ofc. Lichtenstein, switzerland etc. Are exeption.
  12. I can see that you underastemate money... over 100k is a lot of money anywhere in the world... but in your hometown its probably a tip...
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