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  1. That’s a thorough review. Glad I got to read it before it gets taken down.
  2. interesting read.. appreciate the posts.
  3. .... ooookay. Ride that shit lil homey. Ride it hard
  4. I like eq between 750-1000 mg during summer with 200-400 test. It’s great with masteron. Never had bad sides other than being a bigger asshole than usual. edit.. just started 750 eq with 200 test, 600 primo. In ten weeks I’ll swap primo for masteron (4-600mg) and increase test to 400mg and eq to 1000mg.
  5. It’s very possible your suffering from rebound. Nolva does nothing to get rid of estrogen it only binds up selective receptors making it so the estrogen can’t attach. No bro, don’t do your cycle till you take care of this. Perhaps some aromasin, (adex is an option, but I’d use aromasin because it’ll kill the estrogen not just bind to it temporarily) and id do few more weeks of nolva.
  6. The research I read was at 20mg and it resulted in significant loss of igf1. I haven’t seen any research at 10 mg, but I haven’t looked much. interesng about Hdl and lipids.. I’ll read up on that. Good info. I am aware of the negative effects of adex tho. for myself I prefer to avoid all ancillaries and such. But to each his own of course.
  7. I’m curious too. Clinical studies show even 10mg nolva causes a drastic reduction in IGF-1 production.. Just so ya know.
  8. And it is only advice. Do as you see fit, your body bro. But it’s impossible to go back if like many of us you feel the dose is to high. Yet if after 6 weeks your not packing on the desired muscle at 300, it’s easy to increase. Ive worked with several first time users and all have made incredible gains on 300.
  9. Agreed. 500 test is a lot for a first cycle. My biggest (and only) regret using gear so far was running 500mg my first go. It was way to much. If I could go back I’d use 300mg and possibly up it to 400mg week 8 Depending on how I felt. the first time you add androgens exogenously the response is massive. Nothing like the first go. Then your all set up for 500mg round 2 with maybe an oral OR some LOW dose mast/primo/eq as an anabolic. thats how I wish I did it. That’s how I help people do it now. With spectacular results.
  10. I’m not big on forums. Due to the savage amount of he said she said, dick riding, information parroting, and non stop bullshit a guy has to wade through. All cause no one backs anything they say up, they think cause it’s online it doesn’t matter? I like this post. No bullshit.
  11. Equipoise acting like an ai? I’ve never heard of this. Well, ok I heard a guy on Reddit saying that once but lol, it’s Reddit. Not saying your wrong but is there any research or bloodwork showing this? Now I’m curious. I’ve looked a bit but can’t find anything solid. Most sources claiming is aromatises but has a week affinity to the receptor.
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