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  1. I fail to see any lifting achievements. Numbers or physique from you son. I don’t take advice from faceless cartoon characters on a forum, and anyone with half a brain doesn’t either. I’m glad you’re out
  2. Adding meds, especially bp meds is not the right choice to “patch” an issue. Just my thoughts. Backed by some serious ifbb advisers. Greg Doucette, and my bf mike and his gf Nicole agree
  3. Yup, when it comes to pins and things like bac water I send my wife. The only way I’ll go myself is if it’s when I’m filling my test prescription. Fuck the 20 questions and shifty looks. I don’t know why my wife never has a problem, but it’s 50-50 whether I’ll get the shake down. Kind of odd that my wife never gets questioned.. Though, I suppose a glance at me and it’s pretty obvious what I’m doing.. but who cares, use and possession of steroids is 100% legal here
  4. Are all the planets flat then? Or just the earth?
  5. Yes, my employees definitely had a bias when they explained the situation to me. I’ve seen clips of it now.. and as much as I like Don Cherry I’m inclined to agree with his employers decision... Very poor approach indeed.
  6. I did not hear the “you people” phrase mentioned in our water cooler conversation. That does add a racist twist to the scenario...
  7. But did he connect it to race? I thought he said “immigrants”. I should prolly keep my opinions to myself, but I’ve noticed a complete lack of respect from many of our “New Canadians”... So much for free speech
  8. That’s great to hear! I’m actually a lil unhappy with how my stuff has been transported to me lately. (Not Vortex.) a grand worth of vials put in an envelope.. smh. Great to see some companies shipping professionally! Get them Gainz brutha!!
  9. I have used bpc157 with mk677 to help with tendinosis. I used 750 mcg pinned daily sub q, broken into 3 shots forming a triangle around the injury. Mk677 12.5 mg wake, 12.5 mg bedtime. i was gearing up for a cycle when it hit me worse than usual. I was worried I’d have to cycle off. However, for two weeks while starting that protocol I avoided exercises that aggravated it. (For me hammer curls, reverse curls, pull ups. Pronates/supinated lat pull down etc) after two weeks it started getting much better and I added most exercises back in. I ran that protocol for a month with great success. Highly recommend trying it. Hope it gets better bro.
  10. Touchdown CanMed!! Another order filled. What can I say? AAA customer service for top shelf gear. I love the rep I deal with, response and mail times are fast AF. The packaging is stellar, very nice vials and oral bottles. And the quality is superb, everything does exactly as I expect it to. My last cycle was equipoise, dhb and testosterone (oh and melanotan2) with a finisher of superdrol. All items but the superdrol were CanMed. Amazing cycle! Shout out to the crew at CanMed! Looking forward to many more purchases. heres a peek at some of the goodies I just bought. And a before and after shot of my physique from my last cycle. Gains courtesy of CanMed. If you haven’t tried them, get on it!!
  11. It’s really up to you how long you stay on. 10 weeks is a nice, sorta short injectable cycle. 12 is pretty standard length. And if your still having fun and making good gains 14 weeks like CPDB said is perfectly fine too. Keep in mind the sooner you come off the sooner you can go back on pending bloodwork. Below is my (Dr. Prescribed) pct protocol. I’m joking about the Doc part, however I did get this from Coach Greg Doucette. Pct 2.5 weeks after last long ester steroid shot begin HCG (every other day injections) 750mcg eod 4 shots 500mcg eod for 3 shots 250mcg eod 2 shots Nolvadex/clomid Start day after last hcg shot 25/25mg Ed for 18 days 12.5/12.5 Ed for 14 days
  12. It takes like 10 days for an infection to set in. The biggest signs will be fever, feeling ill and warmth radiating from the site.its probably to soon to be an Infection. A while ago I got all worried because a water base shot I took didn’t start hurting until 1 week later. I went to the doc, it was red, warm and swollen. He told me to come back in one more week if I had a fever or it wasn’t going away. It did go away on its own. Like you said, Tylenol ibuprofen and ice helped. 4 days from what my doc said, I’ve read, and personal experience is to soon to be infected. And you shot a lot of gear . i think you’ll be ok. I wouldn’t worry if it was me. But, sometimes you need a doc to say it’s ok if the worry is to much. Hope it gets better fast man!
  13. Ha ha ha! awww, * lift shirt to show worse than natural abs * lol, “I’m not gay...” sure, sure
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