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  1. That’s One of the most intelligent things I’ve heard on a forum in a while. Those ancillaries can be worse for you than the actual steroids. I know guys that use letro and caber every cycle... the research is out there, it’s not pretty.
  2. It goes from 130/80 to 145/80 resting. So yeah, it’s a worry. Superdrol though... oh man I’ve seen mine 180/100
  3. I’ve used both oral sdrol and inj. Sides seemed to be the same for both. Acid reflux hit week 4 for both. I watched this a while back. It may interest you.
  4. I actually prefer equipoise over deca. Biggest reason is sexual function is extremely important to me. On deca after a while I have trouble finishing. And I notice deca shuts me down more than any other compound. While I don’t mind the tiny balls I do mind the “leaky faucet loads”. I like to be Spider-Man. gains-wise I find them similar, with equipoise taking longer to kick in but having a dryer more vascular look. i should add that I’ve only ever done 5 cycles and this info is based off my body’s response using both compounds twice. I highly recommend equipoise, run it long and run it high. (I’d never go less than 750)
  5. Yeah man. Eq is my favorite compound. I love the way I look on it, love how I feel. And even after 20 weeks my bloodwork is phenomenal. Slightly high rbc. But well within range
  6. Love your cycle by the way. Lean gains in your future. Very mild on negative side effects. Equipoise does magical things at 1000 mg for me. And believe it or not. Anadrol is not as toxic as many would have you believe. 100 mg or more for 12 weeks has very few side effects for most men. FACT
  7. Covid 19 cycle? 100 test 1000 equipoise at week four I’ll add masteron At 400mg anadrol and var May be added as needed. ill run this starting May 1st and end sometime in November. im one of the lucky ones. I have an extensive home gym. And I have keys to a full gym and can work out anytime I like.
  8. You’ll get it bro. Keep grinding towards your goals. Once you are able to have full control over your nutrition I think you’ll make huge strides towards being shredded. You’ve already come a long way.
  9. It’s good to see you still grinding away big guy. Dedication!
  10. Thanks brutha! That was last months physique update pic. Been grinding hard. Appreciate the luv. Good luck with your raws,. Damn, wish I could brew too. Respect.
  11. Throw it all in together as a blend? Lol, I’m kidding.. Lab Max is prolly your best bang for buck. 100$ kit should cover all that.
  12. I sold the majority of it. Lol. But it did work well. I don’t use a lot of it personally. Friday nights, or if there’s more than one girl. I worry about being dependant on it so I keep use minimal.
  13. Lol, I‘m starting to like 88. He’s egotistical, reckless, possibly psychotic and does whatever he thinks is necessary to achieve his goals. (Reminds me ... of a 20 year old me. What a dick that guy was). Yeah, I know a bit about how to build a physique in short time that turns heads. And I’d happily share what worked for me with 88 or anyone looking to get jacked with health as a priority. I went from 240 fat down 160 skinny and back up to 220 shredded in 4 years and 4 cycles and I believe anyone dedicated to the lifestyle can too. I for one am using this quarantine as a reason to work even harder. When the gyms reopen I wanna hear them say “what the fuck bro!”
  14. That’s actually really good to hear. Kids got heart and very tenacious. Have no doubt if he does things right he’ll get them gains... and live passed 40 too.
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