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  1. Canada post bs huh? Yeah, my BT shipment is weeks late too. Went to the wrong address. fuuuuuck Canada post. Thankfully BT is gonna help me figure out what happened. And he’ll ya, BT is good shit. You’ve got gains coming for sure!
  2. (To be fair it was lack of penis we were talking about ) Xbox body ... and uses steroids!! can I take a guess on what drugs you were taking? It was meth wasn’t it..
  3. This is one of the dumbest posts I’ve seen. Once again running your mouth without backing up a single thing you’ve said. You stage ready bro? The years up....
  4. Yes, I’ve had regular bloodwork started before I used anything. And now he does all my on cycle bloodwork. No issues yet, aside from marginally high rbc which is normal for what I do. but he’ll tell me if my health is changing. Bloods, ultrasounds, ecg’s regularly at no cost...I’ll take it. It’s good to know. He’s never judged me. If anything he’s curious about what I’m doing. He’s actually a natural lifter. Once he asked me where I get my test and I said black market he told me he’d feel better if I got it from him. So now I do. Trt anyway. He’s got the best juice Last check up he asked me what it feels like to have the test levels of 5 men. He was genuinely curious. Lol, it feels good Doc.
  5. Quite often the love handles and lower back fat are the last to leave. And almost always stubborn. You got this bro.
  6. And before you cry it wasn’t me. But boy did I lol when I saw you there
  7. You’ve become a living Joke! Smile! you’ve brought laughter to so many. You’ve even been copied over to other forums and chat groups as a joke. You’ve made many laugh
  8. My family and friends are laughing very hard too. Merry Christmas?
  9. You are delusional. Take a good hard look at yourself. Lol, thanks princess no gains!! I needed a laugh my own Jason Genova. That’s what you are
  10. CBDB is a lil more diplomatic than I, I’m an asshole 100%... you should listen to him. He’s a smart guy. Much nicer than I, but he knows his shit. If you are smart you’ll listen to what everyone here says.
  11. You have no common sense. Sorry reality gets you so upset. Truth is you shouldn’t even be using gear. People like you are the reason gear users have such a bad name. Hope you come to your senses before you hurt yourself.
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