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  1. He’s already on gear. All he wants is someone to tell him he looks great. You look amazing!! tho honestly bro, you should just tell us what your running. That ment is heavy stuff. I won’t touch it. You wanna run gear? It’s your body man. If I were you I’d opt for dryer compounds that deca and ment.
  2. Proviron is a great recommendation at that dose. Not only will it help control estrogen but it will make your cycle even more powerful! A frequent injection schedule will also minimize E sides. So rather than once a week, 2-3 times. I’m a huge fan of eod pins especially when sust is used, due to propionate being in the mix. I do realize many don’t want to be a pin cushion tho. But it is effective. Less huge spikes and drops in hormones means less conversion.
  3. He’s not going to listen. He only hears what he wants to. I’d bet he’s using already.
  4. I wouldn’t use any ai at 500 test. You may need to, but many wouldn’t. Letro is heavy stuff. You’ll wind up with no estrogen, which imo is even worse than high
  5. We spend years chiseling our physiques, and nobody wants to show off their hard work? No one will flex with me
  6. Delatestryl is hands down my favourite test next to Organon sust. If I’m not mistaken, delatystryl uses sesame oil as the carrier. I use it to break in virgin, or muscles I haven’t pinned in a while. Do you mean it gave you pip? Cause damn, I could put it in my tongue or eyeball lol. Seems everyone reacts differently.
  7. Buy a treadmill, put a body mirror in front of it. Run in your underwear, when you feel like stopping look in the mirror then imagine your new body. Sounds silly, but it motivated the fuck out of me. Clen is pretty hard on the body, but I’m a pussy. I won’t touch tren or adrol. ive used ephedrine and caffeine, it works well. And it’s all legal and super cheap.
  8. Skipping meals isn’t quite IF. But yeah, I agree you would lose weight with either or. Tho I do feel with weight loss sustainability is critical. Sure you could cut a bunch of weight starving yourself, making drastic changes or going keto. But, and it’s just my opinion, it should be done slowly, in a way you can maintain for years to come and without torturing yourself. I do have to remember not everyone has the same goals as I do. Maintaining muscle is very important to me. As is keeping lean while enjoying life and being happy with my nutrition. I do have some personal experience losing weight and understand the struggle. 4 years ago I was 238 lbs never worked out or exercised. Damn, I think I averaged, 3 double double (timmie ) and 12 Pepsi a day... it was effecting my health and happiness. Not to mention I have a beautiful young wife who I really wanted to stay physically attracted to me. ( at the time she was 25 and I was 34) it took me a year to get close to 12% bf and I wound up at 170 lbs. then I found the weight room and my passion me at 230+ with my kid and niece. 1 year later, close to 60 lbs lighter, felt so much better, looked better, was healthier. But now I had a fitness addiction! my bodybuilding transformation. 6 months between pics. And my current physique, off cycle and no flex. (2 months ago, 196 lbs 15% bf) Whatsup! If I can do this you can do it!! It’ll take time and consistency. You’ve already made the choice and your on the path to your goals. I love following along with this thread as it inspires me. I’m happy for you bro, you’ve started a new chapter in your book of life. It looks like there are several supportive and knowledgeable people here willing to help you. This forum will be a great tool on your journey. I wish I had something like this when I started mine. You got this whatsup! Changes are already happening!! Love following your thread. Inspirational stuff brutha!
  9. Looks like everyone called it! Big ups to Curry, he definitely deserved that win. I’m so stoked for next years Olympia already. It’s gonna be war!
  10. I agree that a change should be made, the body adapts quickly to try and avoid change. You could lower calories or increase cardio. Maybe a bit of both? If more cardio than you currently are on doesn’t fit your life you could try another type. Say if your walking you could try stepmill, or my personal favourite HITT style cardio. And of course (tho I avoid this and have limited personal experience) there are fat burners to aid in weight loss. Clen, ephedrine etc. Tho I’ve only experimented with ephedrine/caffeine. do you have a rough idea of your caloric intake and do you generally adhere to a set value?
  11. Skipping meals? Blasphemy!! Lol, I don’t think skipping meals is ever a good idea. Just get your nutrition on point. With your goals you are obviously going to want to stay in a deficit and slowly add cardio to your training. Skipping meals isn’t a good idea, in my opinion anyway. 4 years ago I was 240lbs. And it wasn’t muscle. If I can do it, you can do it. And by the look of things, you are doing it. In the kitchen is where 90% your change will take place. You can do it bro!
  12. Love the pics man! Balkan, from what I hear, is top shelf stuff. Be careful with those amps, I had one explode in my hand and cut me up real good a month ago. It just didn’t want to break, I applied more pressure and BOOM. Bled pretty good. Thats pretty neat with the authenticity code. Happy gains my friend!
  13. Yeah, I dunno man. The mk I liked. I got what I expected from it. It was only the viagra that did nothing. And yeah, I got it thru a friend of a friend so there’s definitely the possibility it wasn’t legit.
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