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  1. Both bpc 157 and tb-500 are amazing peptides. Anyone with muscular damage or soft tendon issues should be using these.
  2. more is not better with hgh frag. It is about utilizing what is now in the bloodstream. Frag helps release fat from the mitochondira into the bloodstream for use,if you dont burn it off,it will then go back into storage. Always do injection when you are about to perform some type of activity as to utilize what is now in the bloodstream
  3. tumeric is not the magic,the magic is within which is called curcurmin
  4. We are working on developing an oral suspension of curcurmin and Piperine(black pepper extract) .Tons of studies show the benefits of these 2 items together
  5. Hey Talon, we will be suspending sarms in the neat future aswell as Anti E's and some PCT items. All will be flavored
  6. id do some halo,i drop dbol. not a fan of dbol
  7. you should be doing a thread called memoirs of GO,getting freeky deeky in columbia Part 1
  8. its what most trainers offer nowadays,simply copy and paste
  9. i believe we are the only brand that will offer testing at any time. you can pm me,within 24 hrs i can have a vial sent out. that way there is no pre dates for testing,we prefer to keep it random and also encourage all users to please test out the gh. We firmly believe that many people will be content by testing.
  10. Thanks Olympic. Lot of test results will be coming in. We are very excited for members to see. I can confidently say these will be the highest grade in Canada. Best part is, no customs
  11. We live in a society of sheep's. Simply digest what's being fed to them through media.
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