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  1. Let's say it how it [email protected] Simply had a hidden agenda and if you put 2+2 together, there's no doubt he is supporting a lab. He ain't a lab owner because he's too stupid to be one but he's definitely a rep or buddy buddy with a cjm lab. main question is why is @3ml Silent with afflicted but decides to go out against you, when all you did is defend yourself? But was liking every post by afflicted. Agenda much? Possibly part of the same lab?
  2. TrapsAndLats

    Here's my girl

    Good on you for taking an animal from a shelter. She seems small or is it just the pic?
  3. I got 2 boys, can't handle a dog. Sam is cute
  4. Give us an example of a off season cycle a heavyweight pro would use?
  5. Look at my previous screenshot, the rep was taureau. He's been lying the whole time. He even lied saying he had no affiliation. Lies after lies. He thinks by recruiting some old vets from NM that he can get away. Those vets are as garbage as his old ass. I didn't realize it was that easy and cheap to buy out people. God they must be broke ass mofos.
  6. @GameChanger you're to polite man. @eazy57didn't skip shit, he deliberately missed out the last sentence because he's trying to defend taureau. I respect the fact that you keep it professional but I don't need to. Eazy lives off his pride that he's been on boards for a long time,whoopie. Want a medal? What did years of being on boards get you? I know what if got ya, it got ya an admin on the a thiefs board and free gear. Might aswell change your name to greasy Eazy because all it took was a simple bribe and you are in taureaus ring or douches. All you people who pretend to be fair and care for members are lying pieces of shits. Y'all are fake. All this proof infront of you and you turn a blind eye. I guess it's worth it for free gear lol. So here Eazy, no one gives a shit about your years of being on the board because you got no worth. You got no morals and principles, y'all got no balls to say it to taureaus face that he done effed up. All that shows is that y'all are greedy crooks. Oh and about the sust, you're a fool if you think it takes a month to feel sustanon. Maybe to feel it's max potential it 2 to 3 weeks tops but to say you don't feel nothing till 4 weeks, that just shows that after all these years you're dumb as a rock and/or you were trying to defend taureau so you can get more free gear. Ya cheap bitches.
  7. nah,i am supporting your claim. clearly if you dont feel anything off of that much dbol then his items are shit. we all know that
  8. time to shop for some pre workout,any deals up?
  9. only people raving about his items are his little fanboys who get freebies to write logs. Easy to buy off people nowadays,greedy douchebags
  10. this helps explain how all previous members were getting emails from a totally new lab. Taureau over here admits that was he btboss and also now currently dpo. On other boards him and his boys were lying about that dracorex is a solo rep with no affiliation. Well this shows you that taureau lied again. So far everything this board has shown about taureau has all been shown with proof. Meanwhile all taureau and his little fan boys do is lie. So either the staff at CB is bought out by taureau and bribed with free gear ,or they are actually stupid and gullible and believe all the lies he has said. I wonder if these so called vet/admins got balls to call a spade a spade,or will they still remain a lying douchebags fanboy.
  11. The new water looking primo and dhb. No doubt, I am impressed. Can't wait to inject these bad boys.
  12. Never in my 14 years have i seen oils like this. I'll be making my,First shots tomorrow, I'll update how it goes. I'll be withdrawing with my 25 gauge, 1 inch Just by shaking the vial around, I can see its extremely thin. I'm pretty sure I can do a slin shot with this. I've done dhb a few times, most left me crippled. Let's see how bt dhb goes
  13. if you are lean enough,why not drop the tren and add in mast?or run a long cycle of primo
  14. never tried the product so wont bash it but will state the obvious. I wouldnt go near this lab or his sister lab dpo with a 10 foot pole. The fact that he lied about using Ethyl oleate,which people can have an allergic reaction to,i will never ever work with or trust someone who lies about ingredients. Next he can lie about anavar and it may have dbol and your wife or gf gets a reaction because this guy only cares about making money. oh and lets not get into the discussion about storing peoples personal information over the years. do a little search and taureau is listed on many big boards as a scam,only people singing his praises are his buddies on his board and well,their opinion means shit anyways. If you support a scammer,you are just as bad or even worse in my books.
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