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  1. Sorbate

    Justin Trudeau

    You know Trudeau’s supporters are still bashing Harper, saying Scheer will be the sane. truthfully I must not have paid attention during Harpers time because I was busy working hard because the economy was good, and didn’t hear about bombs in my town, yeah they caught a Syrian with a bomb here, they tucked it under the media rug so fast. FBI RCMP joint effort, we’re flying a plane drone around for a week before hand. Kid was underage, so I guess they are using underage kids now to take the fall because nothing happens to them. Under Harper he’d be deported. Fuck Trudeau
  2. Sorbate

    Justin Trudeau

    Yeah saw that. See he will be out, the kids that put him over hate him now. He’s likely lost a lot of traditional liberal supporters that don’t know where to vote, so hopefully they stay home and the rest of us have to go vote for sure to get rid of him. wait till the weather gets warmer and you’ll,see the yellow vest movement gain momentum.
  3. As far as reviewing Dracotex, well I don’t know who got the great idea it was to even put up a review thread for them. Seriously. And damn anyone who was going to put a review up here should have known this would be a touchy situation, fuck I like to stir shit but even I wouldn’t have touched this with a 10 foot pole. I can see this turning into a shit show, lol.
  4. I find that a few things will bring on heartburn and for me spicy food isn’t one. Dehydration, coffee, carbonated pop. I avoid orals. I use tums, fir occasional heartburn. If it got worse I’d go to the doctor. My Aunt died from chronic heartburn which eventually created cancer cells.
  5. No you are wrong, you are holding the muscle, it’s just there isn’t as big of layer of fat laying on top of it making it look bigger. As long as you keep training your body will hold on to the muscle. Dude wait till you can see cuts in your muscle, actualky see the way it looks when you flex it, not hidden under all that fat and you will be so addicted to being lean. Btw you can see the improvments you have made already. You have your work cut out for you, don’t get discouraged it’s worth it.
  6. Apple cider vinegar. Takes a few months to work. stop using daily cialis, lol.
  7. Stress might be making you shed the fat.
  8. You know you could always adopt. A child doesn’t need to be blood related to be your child. Try to find one that is really young. We adopted my sister when she was 4 months old. I don’t think if her any different than my brother. And that’s even though she’s Chinese and we are Irish. my stepson had a child, but is a moron, and I’m raising his child, and my grandson doesn’t seem any less my son than if he were my biological son. Btw I cannot have kids either. Stop stressing yourself over it and trying to do the imposdible seems silly to me when you could easliy be a father to a child who needs one.
  9. Is it a fair bit of blood? Seeing blood does not bother me. So you pricked your calves?
  10. Sorbate

    new pic

    You got a ways to go, but you are getting there. Don’t give up.
  11. He is going to try to ram in as many immigrants as he can before then, I think he still would like to change the election process so they can vote. i know of young people that voted him in because they thought that Harper was a war monger, and a dictator, bwahaaa, yeah, and then they thought Trydeau would be more like them and legalize pot, accept everyone. Now they are regretting their decision, and say they won’t vote in the next election. I told them no, you helped to create this mess, now you have to vote him out to fix it. All we have to remember is to vote. Tell everyone to vote. Join the yellow vest group, yeah there are some asshats on their that make the rest look bad, but there is always those in every group. Go and protest. We need to fight for our country.
  12. I like this. I have to ask if you can poke somewhere else other than fingers. I cannot get blood from my fingers, my skin is too thick. It was funny because my buddy came over to show me how to use a blood sugar monitor and he poked my finger all over likeky 6 times and gave up. I have to use my knees.
  13. Wicked, now you can do everything you need to train. It’s good you got the one with the lat attachment. Damn tough to train tris without a cable to use.
  14. I weighed 110 in grade 12. Started weight training when I was 22 and weighed 120, after about 2 months and a lot of reading magazines I started to grow. 6 months later I was 160 but my fat levels were higher, like 12 instead of 8 if I was guessing. Guys at work teased me about running gear. now I lived slept and dreamed lifting. Everything was structured around it. I was so bad with being regimented I almost pooped and peed on a schedule, lol. I would be over 200 lb at 5’6” if I continued on, but honestly back then I only trained to pick up woman, and once I got more confidence and found my wife, started my business it took a back seat. But being an ectomorph it was easy to have a beach body lifting heavy stuff at work and having a high metabolism. Wasn’t until I was in my early 40’s saw a picture of me shirtless on a boat and thought, damn I’m startong to get a dad bod. So then I hit the training again, went from 140 fatish, to 194 around 12% over 5 years. If my gut had not got so bad I would have hit 200 this year. It’s ok though, my wife didn’t like me that big, plus my blood pressure was starting to rise, so I’m sitting at 175 and around 10% (btw I use calipers, but it’s all just a guess) so only 3 meals a day right now, not 6-7. Honestly with a high metabolism it will feel like all you do is eat, lol. Fat guys are jealous because they would love to do that, but it gets tiring sometimes trying to eat that much with variety Btw, I usually do cardio when I have a nagging injury and am taking a bit of a break to let it heal. Cardio is really important to growth at a certain point. If you can’t get enough oxygen and nutrient to your muscle it won’t grow. Just at first when you are tiny it’s best to avoid until you learn to eat enough.
  15. Lol, just being funny, but if you want to grow here are a few tips I found worked for me. -you need to get over the idea that either you eat a lot, which you likely don’t, or that you are worried about getting fat. Which if you do, is really easy to get rid of -you need to keep training volume low. 12 sets for big body parts, 8 for small. After warmup, every set is failure or beyond. You usually have to drop weight or reps between sets. When I was young I went realky heavy low reps, now higher reps like 12-14 -dont expend any extra energy, so no cardio while trying to grow. Avoid stimulants like ephedrine, it just increases the amount you need to eat. - eat fatty foods, milk. Lean steak and chicken breast are for endomorphs, lol, eat thighs, fatty steaks, 4% cottage cheese, 2% milk. When I was young and natural and wanted to grow really bad, I almost drank 4 litres of milk a day, plus a ton of juice on top of my meals. Oh I farted all the time, had diarrhea every couple of weeks from the milk, but I put on 30 lbs in 8 months natural, -train daily if you can but split up bodyparts. Depending on your job depends on how you split things. I’ve always worked heavy labour so other than arms each body part had a separate day. - and the biggest one, since it is easy for ectomorphs to get a good beach body, if you want to get big, you can’t be lazy. So going off track and eating Pringle’s instead of your proper meals, or taking time off because you want to drink all summer will not work. It is difficult to get huge as an ecto, but possible if you are very strict. This I know because, well, that’s pretty much what I did for years. Everyones body is a bit different so you need to learn you. Your digestion system may not take milk, your joints may be too small and need time to get stronger before laying it all out training.