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  1. I love 21’s. Also supersets are great. when you are done a set of 21’s the pain would be white, cold intense and brutal, lol.
  2. Losing fat covering muscle. You can see the outline of bulge on your triceps, plus more of an outline of your delts. Go compare to your other pics. dont pout, that’s the part about losing weight, you’ll feel you are getting smaller. Which you are, but you’ll look a shit load better.
  3. Yep, that is normal. I hate that feeling so I normally ramp my gear up. So 200 mg fir the first week, 300 next, 400 next then finally 500, then run it fir 17 weeks. This way I avoid the sick feeling. If you are not using Adex, don’t bother, use proviron instead. Save the Adex for if your nipples start to act up. I run proviron at 50 mg a day, but I know guys who do 100. I’ve never needed 100. proviron is really mild and a great addition. If you get heartburn from it, well that sucks. The reason I don’t use it anymore. transpharma is fine.
  4. How long till you get out? Do you have work lined up, are you working now? Anyhow do what you can with the food you are offered. Restrict your calories is pretty much all you can do. I would at least eat any of the protien they offer you.
  5. Ok something is not right here, and its not your fault. 500 mg of test a week is fine, that is a normal beginners cycle. If you need adex you won't need it for the first 3-4 weeks. You will know if you do, you will start to feel bloated, blood pressure may rise, nipples ache. 1. I have a couple questions, do you feel sick every time the day or 2 after the injection? Has it decreased over time or you still keep getting the same issue. 2. I want to know the lab you are using (private message me if you don't want to post it out in the open. if its a shit lab, I'll know and at least we will know right away what the issue is) 3. After 3 weeks you should be getting better wood. You should feel more pumped up, especially on your first cycle. You should feel different. Trust me your workout will be better and your strength should have started to increase. Its not like you are running 200 mg a week. you are running 500 mg, you should know after 3 weeks. I'm thinking maybe controlling estrogen too much with the 3x a week adex. You are doing nothing wrong, unless you are crashing your estrogen because you took adex from the start. BTW I'm older than you and adex does nothing to my lipids. .5 mg twice a week is more than enough, if any is needed. Usually since adex works so fast, I wait until I feel really bloated like bending over and breathing feels like an issue, and cant really keep wood then take .5 mg. I feel as though you need estrogen to grow better. After a while you may get tired of the estrogen bloat and do what I do, Run low test and another non estrogenizing drug as your cycle. So low dose test and primo for example. You should stick will one drug for now. If you drop the adex and want to run priviron 50 mg a day to control estrogen sides instead, go ahead, proviron is nothing to be scared of. Anyhow you wont die, lol. You have been training for 5 years, if you had a serious health condition I bet it may have shown up already, but like anything in life I do not know everything, but 99% of the people in this world would be completely fine on 500 mg and a bit of proviron. BTW 46 is not old. Feel free to private message me if you have questions you feel embarrassed about and don't want to ask in the open. I do not know everything, and am very basic when it comes to gear, but can help you get over the noob gitters, lol
  6. Nobody use a stove top anymore?
  7. I’m thinking you contaminated the vial somehow. Brush your teeth, wash your hands and open a new vial. Swab the top then try again. Why brush your teeth, because your mouth of full of bacteria, even a little cough with brutal end of the day stink breath can contaminate the stopper after you wipe it. Not having pip, then all of a sudden getting pip, more than once is not normal. if the issue goes away with the new vial, then you know that’s what it was. Throw the oil vial out, don’t try to cook it to fix it. If you still have issues, buy from a different lab and start over. T400 should not have pip if brewed properly. And make sure you are giving a week between injecting in the same spot, I don’t understand why everyone hate thigh shots. Just pin about 6” down from your hip joint in the outside of the thigh and you’ll be fine. Try rear delts, ventroglutes. I like rear delts because even if you get bad pip, it’s not bad there.
  8. All in all the best thing to do is pin around in there to find your sweet spot. I’ve pinned all over the side of my hip. Just avoid around the joint and don’t pin too far forward.
  9. Is that skipping meals or intermittent fasting? I guess it’s how you put it
  10. I inject in the area you drew around, more towards the front of it, and that spot is like butter, no pip and you dint even feel it go in. biggest thing is to nit inject too far forward, did that twice, bruising and bad pip.
  11. Yep I’ve followed him the whole time. its very difficult to see progress thru just pictures, and posting stats will help him to be accountable. He could use trt dose of test like no more than 175 mg, but I personally thinks he needs to loose more body fat first, or he might have estrogen issues if he runs too much. its tough to lose weight, you need to be on the ball for months. Especially the amount he has to loose. But he will get there. Im sorry if I sound mean, but the work he needs to do is tough.
  12. Stats please. Better to track progress with pictures.
  13. Not angry at all. I was mistaken and assumed you were on the climate change is evil bandwagon. even in those videos it showed that the climate has changed even in the last 100 years. It’s just when people say it’s the hottest it’s ever been like co2 levels are driving it, that is a complete lie. The data is showing in North America we are at a low for temperatures right now compared to even a decade ago. Now are other places in the world hotter, hell yeah, but overall the temperature difference compared to 1970, which was the lowest is only a fraction of a degree. I think I’m more upset at the lies our present government is trying to force feed us thru their paid for media that we need to pay this carbon tax because we have record high co2 driven temperatures, when a simple look on their own environment Canada website show opposite, except for the data missing since 2012. Best part about that is 2 years ago, data was available all the way to the present (2016), but now it’s missing, damn coincidences, lol. See for fun I look at temperatures, mainly because I try to predict what the weather is going to be the following year based of previous years, so I know when to purchase beef because it takes 8 weeks to age. Or buy early when prices are low to make extra profit later. Having an idea of when spring will hit makes things easier. You want to know a fun fact. In the last 20 years I have been tracking our weather, at most only 2 years in a row will be close to same temperatures. In the last 20 years we have has cycles of early spring hot summer to late spring cool summer. With a few late spring, mild fall, or extended summer. Like I stated, I just hate being bullshitted. It’s all about money, just like the multibillion dollar cancer industry.
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