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  1. Where do you live? How old are you? it is not getting hotter each year. Actually we are in a cooler period brought about because of our orbit around the sun, and the gravity from Jupiter pulling us out. see you cannot believe the hockey stick graph they show. It’s a doctored lie. Actually if you go on Nasa’s Website you can find the original graphs and if you compare you can see where they have cropped the numbers to make it look worse. best part is they avoid data from before 1970’s, because there was clusters of years that were far hotter than any temperature since the increase of carbon dioxide. 1912 is a great example. See if that was includes on the graph, the hockey stick woukd not be a hockey stick anymore. its sad how they badly misconstrue the data to give the results that they want. please have an open mind and look at some of this guys videos. he also has a video where a psychologist has proven that people believe that each year was warmer, or colder than the last even if there was no difference in temperatures. i live in southern Ontario, I own a motorcycle and have an inground pool. Plus my business is very summer temperature weather dependant. Our weather has been the coolest and the shortest summers the last 2 years out the the last decade. See in June 3 years ago, I could ride to work with a light sweater in the morning. This and last year it was 5 degrees or so in the mornings, with very few exceptions. akso I have a pool heater, which every year I turn on in may. I have compaired my gas consumption from the last 6 years and this year has been the worst out of them all. My heater has had to run every month. Up until 3 years ago, by this time I had to leave the solar cover off my pool or it would be 90 f. and the heater would normally not turn on in July or August with a few exceptions. It’s been running every day. Im sorry but no matter what a fake scientist tells me, and Trudeau’s spin for the carbon tax team, there is no way you can tell me that southern Ontario is having the highest temperatures ever. I can see the actual temperatures, have proof that it is actually the coolest it’s been since 2008. Shit it’s as easy as going on the weather network channel and you can see on the 14 day forecast, that pretty much all this year, summer and winter (well year round) we have been below the average temperature line. It’s pretty tough to dispute that.
  2. Naw, you are just seeing things, lol.
  3. Sorbate


    I’m O negative so my blood can be used on all negative people. I go 3 times a year. is dyna care in Ontario?
  4. Watched some of his stuff. the best is when they always only show data from 1970 and beyond, where 1970’s was a huge cold spell. This way it make everything look they way they want. Too bad if you look further back to like 1920 ish you see the temperatures are way warmer than now, with lower co2 in the air. its all a fucking scam. i was reading in the paper, they were blaming the decline of sparrows since 1970 on climate change because sometimes it rains for 2 days and they can’t feed their babies. I guess it’s never rained for 2 days in a row before ever in history. hey maybe the decline is because there was a huge housing boom here at that time, and we used to spray the shit out of everything to kill all the bugs/their food. But shit don’t let common sense figure this out, we need a thousand dollar study.
  5. No different then the people who believe that the earth is getting warmer, or when you can look at a satellite image from NASA and see that the ice sheet in the artic is still as big as always, or that most of Greenland's ice sheets have increased by miles in the last few years. if someone believes somethingbits almost impossible to change their mind, even with actual scientific facts.
  6. You should post before and after stats, like weight. Small changes are hard to see in pictures.
  7. Rear wheel only is its downfall. I supercharged my srt Jeep Grande Cherokee and now have a little over 700 hp, but with all wheel drive I get under 4 sec 0-60 times consistently and my car is fucking heavy. Plus with Pzero Perrelis' I get over 1 g skid. Yeah in a grandma grocery getter. Bring on the mustangs, once you find the dildo to start them that is, lol
  8. Sorbate

    Carbon tax scam

    Getting a bit triggered are we? actually the new coal fired plants are as clean as burning natural gas. all forms we use to produce power has its downfall. I guess coal is now out if favour. We actually need the coal to make steel anyways so better to save it for that. Damn how much coal is used to build windmills and dams? when did I say not to try to become better with our technology. I’m just stating that the fear mongering is getting old. 30+ years ago we were told everything was going to be a desert, then a couple years later all low areas will be flooded. Now the heavy rains are climate change. Damn I remember 30 years ago it poured so hard one summer we had to scoop buckets of water fir days out if the window wells so it wouldn’t leak in the basement. i also remember years where it was so fucking hot that a tornado ripped thru Edmonton. Or other years where the smoke covered the sky. But forest fires are climate change. I guess they just started to burn in the last 50 years. Original inhabitants lived off the shorelines because they had learned the hard way about tsunamis and hurcanes, then we are stupid enough to build there. But no it’s climate change. wrong horse to beat. if they used the money to actually do something real I’d be all on it. How about starting a recycling program that works in Ontario? Something similar to Alberta where we bring all our plastics in fir the deposit we paid. lets fund technology to replace single use plastics in the food industry, or even better lets recycle all the plastic that gets thriwn out because it has a bit of food material on it. How about all the countries in the world on the shores of the oceans chip in and clean up the plastic in the ocean. That tech is available now. Will any of the carbon tax go towards that? i bet not. This tax will go into regular revenues and spend, just like the 1.4 billion JT just gave away the other day to help woman in other countries. if they wanted to tax us, be honest and increase the gst. Blitz it’s ok to disagree. what I bet would work is for all of us to make tiny changes every day. Like completely separating all your plastics. Never throwout anything that is recyclable. Start purchasing products that can be repaired instead of cheap throw away items, and so on. at work I take care of all the tiny things because they add up,and become fairly substantial. For example we used to individually plastic wrap all our meat trays every day. Now we use a large sheet to cover all the trays in the counter, we cut down our plastic consumption by 1/6 and increased our profit by $5000 a year. See as the earth warms, or cools, I think now we are in a cooling phase because the solar flaring from the sun is slowing. It actually was peaking about 4-5 years ago. They have stopped seeding the clouds over the pacific coast because they realized that was making the drought worse, so now need to ride that out. It was an insurance manoeuvre because of the cost of claims from the drought in California and such. you know I’m just going to stop. There is so much that is screwed with unnaturally that I could go on forever and then something else would come up that may effect the climate as well, that it is all just assumptions now.
  9. Sorbate

    Carbon tax scam

    Please don’t say that higher co2 levels create low nutrient plant food, lol. That’s been debunked a long time ago,
  10. Sorbate

    Carbon tax scam

    Ok, but what is the threshold of co2 that isn’t good for plants. Co2 levels were double during cretaceous period and no one can argue that the vegetation was higher during that period. You are hiring that proof. So I guess we could double our co2 levels then?
  11. Sorbate

    Carbon tax scam

    Did we stop burning fossil fuels to produce wind mills or solar farms? And hydro doesn’t effect the eco system? anyhow I want to argue that the releasing of carbon back into our atmosphere is a good thing. all the oil, coal, natural gas we burn was from a time where there was mass amounts to of vegetation. Plants thrived off the warmer temperatures and higher carbon dioxide levels which in turn created higher oxygen levels. This allowed plant eating organisms to thrive, and thereby nest eating ones. Intelligence levels were low because food, water, climate was very conducive to life. Not to get off point but what if the majority of the carbon in the air became trapped? Would not the plant life cease to exist? Would not the organisms begin to die? Then the greenhouse gases would reduce and the earth would cool. Next step is the cooling of our core, then it stops spinning and our atmosphere blows off because we have lost our magnetic field. Im not speculating about something way out there, this is one of the theories about how Mars died. Maybe we are extending the lifecycle of the planet be releasing the carbon? now the chemicals we release, or the garbage we allow to be released into our water system, I’m against that, but I believe we are barking up the wrong tree with climate change, or a carbon tax.
  12. Sorbate

    Carbon tax scam

    The next set of taxes is the retarded masses vote him in again is, plastic tax pop tax meat tax tax tax.lol
  13. What I like best is he doesn’t have a cocky asshole attitude. i watched a vid where is incline benched 235lb dumbbells, yeah one in each hand, lol. i will never be strong like that, but it’s cool to watch.
  14. Holy fuck dude. Waaaaaaaay too much tren. You will be a fucking nutbag on that much the first time. here is your first cycle. 300 mg of test a week 12.5 mg of aromasin 2 times a week day after your shot. Wait 3 weeks before starting the aromasin. you don’t want to wait till you are leaner than just run the test. The tren will not magically make you lose weight. Don’t believe the shit you read on the boards. Never believe anyone trenned our either, the view of the world is distorted.
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