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  1. I really like this Jim Vest guy. He is down to earth. https://youtu.be/ibtjZ9V3SWY
  2. I don’t understand his hate for the guys on the other board either. Obviously he don’t know any of the older long term members because he wouldn’t be saying what he does. I’m not bashing bt or dracorex, they are likely trying to do their best as they are trying to get a good rep for themselves after all this shit. A bunch of friends of mine I got to try BT years ago are still running it and are happy. I didn’t tell them to quit, then I’d have to explain all the shit about everything and I really don’t want to waste any time with that. Its funny though because how does an owner of a lab remember each one of his hundreds of clients? How does any of them send you monthly lists? A lot of reputable labs send monthly lists. I guess they must have my email info somewhere, lol. And owning a lab is a dangerous thing, I bet it is safer not to run around admitting to owning one one an open board, lol. I know a few owners that don’t scream that a lab is theirs on the board they sell their gear on. You may figure it out later in when you are known and trusted, but no way you would be told in an introduction email. Honestly let it go before people get turned off and quit coming here. When CJM fought with Northern Muscle bashing Northern all the time, it just drove people off CJM. There is so little board traffic anymore, no one can afford to lose anyone. And Jesus Traps, don’t think this is a personal attack against you, and start screaming back at me with the cap locks on, lol. The best interests for any board is to not get into all the drama. or tell me to fuck off, lol, I don’t really care
  3. The original studies that were done that showed high blood pressure from high sodium intake was done on dehydrated diabetics. The original guy who did the study said they set it up on purpose to get those results because that was what was expected from them after they got their grant. He was dying and didn’t mind telling the truth. Funny part is he’s not the on,y one to be admitting that he or she faked results because of who was funding them, so so I have a hard time believing most studies now unless they are obvious,
  4. I was going to ask questions then realized you were running 50 mg so nevermind
  5. I take Adex the day of my shot to combat bloating. .5 mg should work. If you find that too high then drop it down.
  6. Only time I’ve crashed my estrogen was on aromasin. Wasn’t a lot either. I usualky use adex, but this time I thought I’d try aromasin agsin, but started off low. what I like about Adex, is it brings down estrogen fast, but on the flip side your estrogen comes back quicker (this is why I believe some people think there is an estrogen rebound). if you have what you need to take fir aromasin figured out, then stick with it, balancing estrogen can be a bitch. No point in fixing what isn’t broken. supposidly aromasin is easier on your lipids.
  7. I didn’t run gear until I was 42 but just before 40 I knew my hormones were dropping. Felt weak, didn’t care if I fucked every day anymore, was getting fatter, losing muscle in places like chest. Anyhow maybe gear useage got you there faster. i woukd personally wait the two months, shit you’ve went 2 years already, what’s a couple more months. did you get your estrogen levels checked, maybe now that you are older you are converting more test to estrogen and it’s giving you a feed back loop dropping your test further? Only guessing, but let’s get checked can heck estrogen. Could be why your wee, wee isn’t functioning at stud levels. If it was me and I had some aromasin kicking around from previous cycles, and was being cheap and did want to pay $200 fir the estrogen test, I’d run a bit of aromasin, like 1/2 a tab twice a week for the first week, then if I was getting better wood, 1/4 tab twice a week and then wait to see how my duck was responding, and see if I was crashing my estrogen. worse thing to happen is you crash your test and feel shitty for a few days. Or if you are not an experimenter like me, then get your estrigen tested and go from there. but once I got an endo appointment, I’d quit experimenting and went in natural, doing nothing. If you need trt, why fuck it up yourself, and let the doctor who does this for a living do his job.
  8. You can see it in your face. keep it up dude.
  9. Sorbate

    Justin Trudeau

    You know Trudeau’s supporters are still bashing Harper, saying Scheer will be the sane. truthfully I must not have paid attention during Harpers time because I was busy working hard because the economy was good, and didn’t hear about bombs in my town, yeah they caught a Syrian with a bomb here, they tucked it under the media rug so fast. FBI RCMP joint effort, we’re flying a plane drone around for a week before hand. Kid was underage, so I guess they are using underage kids now to take the fall because nothing happens to them. Under Harper he’d be deported. Fuck Trudeau
  10. Sorbate

    Justin Trudeau

    Yeah saw that. See he will be out, the kids that put him over hate him now. He’s likely lost a lot of traditional liberal supporters that don’t know where to vote, so hopefully they stay home and the rest of us have to go vote for sure to get rid of him. wait till the weather gets warmer and you’ll,see the yellow vest movement gain momentum.
  11. As far as reviewing Dracotex, well I don’t know who got the great idea it was to even put up a review thread for them. Seriously. And damn anyone who was going to put a review up here should have known this would be a touchy situation, fuck I like to stir shit but even I wouldn’t have touched this with a 10 foot pole. I can see this turning into a shit show, lol.
  12. I find that a few things will bring on heartburn and for me spicy food isn’t one. Dehydration, coffee, carbonated pop. I avoid orals. I use tums, fir occasional heartburn. If it got worse I’d go to the doctor. My Aunt died from chronic heartburn which eventually created cancer cells.
  13. No you are wrong, you are holding the muscle, it’s just there isn’t as big of layer of fat laying on top of it making it look bigger. As long as you keep training your body will hold on to the muscle. Dude wait till you can see cuts in your muscle, actualky see the way it looks when you flex it, not hidden under all that fat and you will be so addicted to being lean. Btw you can see the improvments you have made already. You have your work cut out for you, don’t get discouraged it’s worth it.
  14. Apple cider vinegar. Takes a few months to work. stop using daily cialis, lol.
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