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  1. Fuck that injection is going to hurt, they didn’t put on a fresh needle. Plus what the hell bodypart is that person injecting into, lol. It’s leg stump?
  2. Don’t understanding why you are tapering? do you have any Hcg? Are you going to use aromasin during your pct as well?
  3. This is my recommendation. Get stable before you come off for like 6 months. So take 100 mg of test a week, nothing more. Do not taje anything else. If your estrogen is high, it will drop as it follows your test. i bet after a month you will feel better. Avoid caffeine, no pop, no energy drinks, tea or coffee. Take melatonin as suggested by Eightyeight. you need to let your system reset and I personally think coming off right now would not be a good idea. But going down to natural hormone levels will help. I recently was having a similar issue. I would vibrate in the morning laying in bed, little panic attacks thru the day. I massively reduced my coffee intake and reduced my gear to 122 mg a week. Then got a hormone test to make sure I was within range. I am feeling a lot better. Like you I ran too much for too long. Good luck.
  4. I need to ask, you guys that have issues injecting sub q, which part of the body are you injecting the oil in, plus what length of insulin pin are you using.? Im only asking because I’ve done well over 600 sub q shots without issue.
  5. Looks standard. 2 grams of fish oil a day it what I use to help with blood pressure and hdl Dontate blood a couple times a year as well to keep your hemocrit down if you don’t already. I don’t take aspirin. When I first started I would eat 5 flats of eggs every 2 weeks, with 4 litres of milk eod. I was really lean though, stupid fast metabolism. I had to eat till I felt like crap, farting all the time, lol. You are lucky you will not need to do that. You are not on the fat end, or the lean end, but around the middle, you should be able to gain without over eating and stay lean without starving.
  6. You don’t need a ton of fruits or veggies. A head of cauliflower and broccoli, steam it and eat it at dinner with some bread and butter. Just calculate your calories. i only eat veggies with one meal a day. Usually dinner. So salad, or what I mentioned above. Newman’s Own makes a great Italian dressing with no sugar. I also sumplement with fibre, like Metamucil. Just buy one of those mixes in a package salads. You can get big ones at Wallmart for a decent price. or a head of lettuce, some ceaser salad dressing, croutons and cook up some bacon for bacon bits. Then you save the bacon fat to cook your potatoes in for breakfast, while you drink 5 whole eggs raw, lol, yes I do it raw, don’t use cracked eggs, cook those and wash them before pouring in a cup. Salmonella is only in the outside of the shell, unless it’s cracked. Add a bit of milk, don’t break the yolks and it tastes fine. What vitamins are you taking?
  7. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Some guys go crazy and eat ezikel bread, with 6 walnuts and 3 ozof avocado and 6 oz of chicken every meal, lol. I believe as long as your protien is there evenly distributed thru out the day, and it’s good protien sources, like chicken breast, leaner beef, whey isolate, the rest really doesn’t matter as much. Its always worked for me while gaining. Now when you cut it’s a different thing. Food choices are way more important.
  8. Yeah, I’m a high protein guy, but I own a butcher shop, so......lol
  9. 300 grams of complete proteins a day 3500 total calories. So 1200 calories in protien, then 2300 grams of calories in fat or carbs. fats is 9 calories per gram, carbs 4. Do not include fibre carbs in your calories. Unless you use digestive enzymes, it will just be pooped out, lol. Eat that every day. Don’t pig out one day the eat nothing the next. Bbodybuilders that look wicked are boringly consistant.
  10. You still need more protien. Have you calculated your protien? I bet it’s pretty low. Im a fan of milk for bulking. I’ve used ice cream as a milk shake with eggs added. I just can’t drink milk all the time anymore or I fart the house clean, lol. nothing wrong with pasta either, but how much meat protien are you getting from the sauce. Look at labels, start calculating your protien. Get it to 300 grams. Then work out his many calories the protien is, minus that from 3500 and you fill that in with the other stuff. You can bulk on cookies if you eat enough protien first. I know you won’t need more than 3500 cal, I would bet you don’t do a labour job, or something burning a ton of calories. I don’t think you understand how mentally taxing cutting is. It is by far the hardest thing you will do, and drugs will only help, unless you start eating 100 mg of ephedrine a day, you will still need to fix your diet. Don’t use 100 mg off ephedrine if you like your heart, lol. Im not on your case, just helping out. If you want to use the advice, that’s fine, if not, I have nothing to lose or gain by this.
  11. Seth is a genetic freak. That guy could inject estrogen and only eat pussy and be huge, lol. Btw I like him, we have the same energy level.
  12. I bet he eats 300+ grams of protein a day, and his waist is 50 inches, lol. But if you goal is all out strength, then at least add 5 whole eggs to you ice cream and a bit of milk and make a milkshake so it’s got some value. I’ve taken that as a post workout meal before, lol. Back when I couldn’t gain an ounce because my metabolism was so fast.
  13. You need to do some reading on a diet. I would make that your number one concern. You are not going to maximize your gains on this diet. Not near enough protien and your fats and carbs are high. You’ll get fatter. I would read in the nutrition area of this forum, or check out Testosterone Nation. T Nation. They have numerous articles. i think now that the magazines are gone, you guys miss out on the diet info, but get the drug info instead. Honestly steroids will only help you to recover quicker from your training as long as you are feeding your body with the right amounts of nutrition. Make the protien your priority then fill in the rest of your calories with fats and carbs. 300 grams of protein a day. You only need 3500 calories max. Split that over 5 meals. Oats are a great breakfast food. 2% milk (250 ml) and a scoop of whey isolate is a great inbetween meal, or post workout meal. No fucking icecream every day, once a week, lol. Damn Your diet needs more work than I’m willing to invest in, lol. Truthfully, if you have a couple hundred dollars, I’d hire Funnyman if he is still on here. It will bring you up to light speed really quick. Plus he is great at explaining everything to you.
  14. I shaved my chest 3 years ago when I started my cut to single digit bodyfat. Then after I went to regrow it. Way too itchy, mind you I have a full chest of hair, plus it was coming back so grey.
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