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  1. Dude, did you not see his picture, fuck the guy looks like he could just start competing, lol. sad part is he doesn’t listen and thinks that guys who are way farther advanced than him, don’t know shit. @endeavorspirit You have 2 ears and 1 mouth because you are supposed to listen twice as much as you talk. I know, now you will threaten to beat me up, lol. But honestly, you should listen. Diet, training first, then gear.
  2. It’s guys like you that get things like steroids made illegal, or have the government crack down on them.
  3. There is picture proof from NASA satellites proving the ice sheets are larger than the last warming period in the 1930’s. as far as humans go, we on,y have limited data, so it’s hard to tell what’s really happening.
  4. I cook ground beef with garlic, onions and chili spice. Then towards the end of cooking add in chalulas chipotle sauce, and some cheese. i then wrap it with chopped cherry tomatoes and green onions. low carb, very good. i eat by the KISS theory.
  5. That’s good. Eventually like all of us have figured out, you do better on lower doses, because you feel better and can train harder recover better. i know the allure of high dose. my tren run I did 1.3 grams of test 700 mg tri tren and then added on 50 mg of winny a day. I started to mentally crack once the winny kicked in. Since then I’ve ran modest doses and have done a lot better. easier to train if don’t feel like crap except when in the gym.
  6. Just watch it. If you get ideas about killing yourself, stop taking the tren,
  7. You blood getting thick wouldn’t make your dick Fuller. maybe you are more sexually enhanced so it’s semi all the time. I would t worry. btw, this is the tren screwing with your mind making you think things are going bad, lol.
  8. You need to not pin in the same site fir a week. If you are rotating properly.
  9. I don’t do anything special, I don’t heat the oil, other than holding it my hand for a minute, unless it’s mct oil then nothing. It really for me is way better than IM. I ducking hate IM.
  10. Don’t inject belly fat or love handles, worst spot to inject. Just stick the normal spots, just like you were doing IM. but use a 5/16” slin pin. If you get a lump, just rub it out. Im pretty stupid, so if I can figure it out, it mustn’t be that hard. Back load the slin pins, do not draw with the needle, it will be too dull. Well over 600 injections(I love to pin, so I really dint mind Ed injections) and I’ve never had an issue doing sub q. Only time I had issues was when I injected into my belly or love handles. The skin in that area is very dense.
  11. For me my favourite is arms. It’s too bad it’s my easiest growing bodypart, so I only train them 2 times a month or I’d be only arms, lol
  12. That’s how it is. You feel smaller as you lose weight, but you will look a lot better. pick a goal and stick with it for months. Bodybuilding is like grinding out leveling up in a video game. It can be tedious at times but in the end it’s all worth it.
  13. I’d bet if you checked out the webpage.....
  14. Lol, maybe that was his idea of good. Its not a great cut. It is actually the lowest cut you can buy as a roast. It would kinda be like the piece of meat on us that would be our upper lat, rear delt. If there was some age on it, it may not have been shoe leather. You would have still had to chew it a bit, but would have been edible. seriously I only use it for ground, I wouldn’t sell it to a customer. When people ask for a cross rib roast I sell them a chuck roast. This way I won’t get it returned for being tough, lol. Its name on the box would be shoulder clod. Even the name sounds tough, lol.
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