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  1. Not doing well at all, kind of depressed. Only got 20lb dumbbells and some resistance bands coming but god know when those will arrive (China). Just puts things in perspective and how nice "regular" life is.
  2. Ramy's face looked really sunken in this year, but he didn't really look all that different onstage. I'm starting to think he just can't get super ripped, no matter what.
  3. If I had to guess, I'd figure that you'd be around 200-210 really lean at maybe 8% body fat. Hard to tell without knowing how tall you are. That would make your BF right now around 30%. Don't be discouraged by that number. The next 20 lbs will take you to around 20% mark and you will look TOTALLY different and muscles are going to start popping really nicely.
  4. Just went to the 1st page and compared your latest photos to the first one. Holy shit, you're making a GREAT transformation. The progress may seem slow because of frequent updates but that's not the truth. Amazing job, just keep doing what you're doing!
  5. It was very biased. I agree, real shitty
  6. Been on it for almost a year now. I like it a lot. Initially, it improved me sleep and mood. Eventually my body got used to it to a degree but I started noticing improved muscularity and less body fat. GH works slowly, but it works. Because it's so cheap, I plan to be on it basically forever. Real GH is just too expensive. It probably improves my skin etc. too but the change is slow and it's hard to notice. However, it's the real deal. And shipping speed is amazingly fast. Love dealing with Bodytech!
  7. I recently used buyneedles.ca and it was a good experience
  8. I guess he was practicing that crucifix pose for a reason...!
  9. Another important thing to consider when choosing a gyno doc is if it includes lipo. Dr Fielding does. Not only the gland is gone, but so is all the fat around it caused by estrogen. It can make a big difference in how your lower pecs will look like in the end.
  10. Yes he does and it's 100% invisible, absolutely impossible to see. I paid $2.5k but this was over 10 years ago.
  11. Dr. Fielding is amazing. Go for it.
  12. It's amazing how much some people take / tolerate. I take maybe 10% of that and fear my heart is going to blow up despite my blood work looking good LOL
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