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  1. Is he the lightest guy to put a 200kg+ log overhead?
  2. You guys who up your test for a blast, do you titrate back down to your cruise dose over a few weeks or do you just go straight from one dose to the other when you’re done?
  3. I train both at home and in public gym. The quality of the workout I get is all down to me, but there’s not as much eye candy at home.
  4. You sound like you're a long way from being ready to juice.
  5. Cold black coffee with a spoonful of taurine powder stirred into it, a glass of grapefruit juice and a dbol.
  6. That's interesting. I need to read more about this. My normal year-round is 120mg TestE+120mg Masteron, and this summer I added 120-160mg TrenE (it went up because leaving that last .10ml in the 1ml syringe seemed like a waste) and while I got upside out of it I also got the bronchial tightness and that was no fun at all. That was the only significant side, but it sucked. I was thinking about taking it for another ride next month. The increased body heat and ridiculous sweating is annoying, but that's the price you pay for leaning out, I guess. Guys talk about "wet drugs" vs "dry drugs" but I think in my case Tren is a winter drug.
  7. I don't know for sure, but I suspect that thinking comes from the old days before the current UGL scene. I can't imagine why a well established lab would fake primo. A sketchy, fly by night lab? Yeah, but they might fake anything. I ran a very conservative dose of primo for 28 weeks this year. Honestly, I stopped because I was bored, and wanted some excitement in my life. Hello, tren! With primo I didn't really feel like anything was happening. No sides, no anything. Then one day I looked in the mirror and went "HOLY SHIT!" Expensive tho. Reading up about DHB, it does sound interesting. I'll probably try it sometime.
  8. I screwed up my biceps tendons a couple of years ago by going all-in on heavy low rep curls on top of an all ready full menu of back training. That was dumb. It's only now that they're healed enough that I can curl and do chinups without pain again. Now I curl light, high rep, and go for the pump.
  9. It's an rx asthma med. Comes in a pill you take once a day. It's supposed to relieve the bronchial constriction and the tightness in your chest. I doubt it would help with the cough but IDK. Still trying to come up with a convincing lie to tell my GP to get me an rx for it. Failing that I'll pick up a supply the next time I go to Mexico.
  10. Is there any actual video/evidence/eyewitness testimony from reliable old timers? I've heard of this feat, but I've never seen any verification of it anywhere.
  11. My one Tren run was TRT Test (120mg/week) and 120-160mg/week TrenE and while I I did get good results (getting stronger while leaning out) I also sweat like an absolute villain. I'd have the AC pinned in the car so that I could see my breath, and changing my shirt and underwear three times a day. I also had the bronchial tightness. It got better after the first couple of weeks but didn't go away until weeks after I stopped the Tren.
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