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  1. Same. 24,000 iu once a week. I can't remember the reasoning for one big dose a week instead of dividing it up daily, but it made sense at the time.
  2. Grapefruit does help with phagocytosis: the scavenging of old red blood cells. Drinking grapefruit juice in conjunction with regular blood donation helped get my ferritin levels down.
  3. Two grams a week is a very mild cycle now? Not trying to be a smart ass, that just seems like a lot.
  4. I've decided that Eq is my favorite. I get good fullness and lots of vascularity, and no sidez at all, mental or physical. I'm a regular blood donor, and I haven't seen my hemoglobin go too high when they test it at the Blood Center on donation day. I like Primo too, but on a cost/benefit basis I get similar results from Eq for less money. Deca makes my nipples leak. Tren makes me sweaty and hostile. So I'm thinking me and Eq are probably gonna have a long relationship.
  5. I ran BPC at 250 a day and it helped me. Next time I’ll run it at 500 and budget for a longer run.
  6. Take it from me, don’t ever inject 1.5cc sub-q. I was fine, but I had a big angry red lump for a couple of weeks.
  7. After going through a long phase where I wanted to try everything I've come to the conclusion that Equipoise is my favorite. I get nice gainz and zero sidez from it. I like Primo too, but on a gainz/$ basis I have to hand it to Eq.
  8. I don't trust FB enough to tell them my phone number or give the app access to my contacts. As if I'm going to let those bastards intrude into my finances.
  9. That's more info than my doc gave me. I honestly don't think I get anything out of it at all, but the doc wants to see a certain number on my bloodwork, so here we are.
  10. Is he the lightest guy to put a 200kg+ log overhead?
  11. You guys who up your test for a blast, do you titrate back down to your cruise dose over a few weeks or do you just go straight from one dose to the other when you’re done?
  12. I train both at home and in public gym. The quality of the workout I get is all down to me, but there’s not as much eye candy at home.
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