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  1. Chest on him is so insane he looks like a photoshop or one of those synthol freaks lol
  2. I would still give blood if I were you asap. Your stress, lack off sleep and npp probably jacked your rbc. It takes 4+ months to go down on its own. Donating will save you a lot of time in nocking down your hr and bp.
  3. Look through your whole diet. Things like using too much sauce on your food can fuck you up royally. Look at the calories and and portions on everything. Something says a couple grams of carbs a table spoon and you throw half a bottle on that could be an uncounted extra hundred grams a day.
  4. More reviews tried the clomid and nolvadex both work well. Also tried the pornstar. That shit is amazing.
  5. Personally it’s a few weeks by the time I really feel it 100%, like pumped right up. If you are taking sustanon and Dbol and it’s over a week check the scale. I don’t aromatize much, but with dbol especially you should have a few extra pounds of water weight on you. I personally have had really hit and miss experiences with getting good dbol even from the most mainstream labs. I know because the way I respond my back gets so pumped I feel like I was in a car crash.
  6. Just add a little bit of natural peanut butter and oats. It will slow down.
  7. I made this yesterday with strawberries. Loved it. I think I will add more fruit next time.
  8. You could always try mixing in some natural pb to slow it down, or some oats as well. If it’s happening post workout you just might not be replenishing your glycogen enough. If this is happening every time you take it and the pb is not helping, you might have an actual allergy to the protein itself.
  9. Give blood. Don’t tell them about the juice or they will ban you.
  10. Also when’s the last time you gave blood or got your hemocrit tested? Npp is known to raise rbc.
  11. Do 20+ minutes cardio everyday, doesn’t have to be hard. Could just do something like a brisk walk. Take omega 3s and fibre (sugar free Metamucil is good) for some I was getting so dizzy all the time, I felt like I was dying. Hr was always near 100 and bp was high ish. I did a stress test and nothing was wrong. Atfer I started doing regular cardio my dizzyness went away, my resting hr went down to the 60’s. my systolic bp went down ten points and my diastolic went down 15.
  12. Your egfr looks really good. Does your doctor calculate your kidney function taking your muscle mass into consideration? Mine is usually borderline bad, but my doc just uses my age and creatinine. Others on the boards told me that’s not the correct way to calculate for a bber. Someone sent me to a calculator that takes everything into account and it says I am in good range. I don’t have protein in my urine either.
  13. It’s half-life is a day longer than prop so you could technically get away with e3d.
  14. DNP is legit. I lost 5 pounds in 12 days. It doesn’t sound like much, but I was already about 14 weeks into a cut when I started it. I slowly upped my dosage to 400mgs and I was so winded I had to take breaks from walking with my wife in the mall. She started giving me that look where I knew I was pushing my luck lol. Next time I am just going to try 200mgs for 3 weeks and throw in something like meridia to suppress my appetite. Between the hunger, the night sweats and being gassed, this shit is not something underestimate. I knew the risks of what I signed up for. It did what it was supposed to good and bad lol
  15. I have used 5 years expired injectables and they worked fine
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